Late on a quiet Sunday afternoon, I was lounging on the sofa and S was reading in the bedroom. From the other room she called out, “Do we have talcum powder?” “Nope, don’t think so.”, I replied. After a moment of silence, S came back with, “How about corn starch?” “Sure. In the cupboard, in a round, blue and gold can.” Without responding, she padded barefoot into the kitchen and then returned to the bedroom.

Intrigued, I asked from the couch, “Why do you ask?” In a matter-of-fact voice she said, “Because I was lightly stroking my clit, and I wondered what it would feel like totally dry and buttery soft, like with talcum powder. You know, instead of all wet and oily.”

Can you see why I adore this woman?

Within a bare few minutes, I could resist no longer. I got off the couch, went to the bedroom and laid down beside her on the bed, where she was idly playing with a pussy liberally dusted with white powder. With her welcome blessing, I joined in the experience, and found it was quite lovely. The powder made the skin contact soft and smooth, and the lack of oil meant I could feel every little crease and fold and all the subtle differences in the skin texture. It was extraordinary!

Despite S’ appetite for overwhelming sensations and rough play, an excruciatingly light and fairly slow touch is the surest way to get her off. With my powdered finger feathering up and down the shaft of her clit, she was ready to come in very little time. I teased her for a while, denying her that first orgasm until she begged and pleaded and offered me anything I wanted (like that’s anything new) before I allowed her to have that first shuddering orgasm. Once the dam broke, I continued stimulating her and brought her off several more times before giving her a break and letting her breathe. It was a delightful experience, and one I enthusiastically recommend.

After, her eyes twinkled and she asked hopefully, “What would you like to do next?” I did not have to think very long. “Friday night you talked about wanting to squirt again. Let’s go up to the attic and do that.” S did not need her arm twisted. “Okay!”

I hasten to point out that she hopped in the shower to briefly rinse off the corn starch; we weren’t trying to make a roux here!

In the redwood paneled attic that a friend called our “Fuck Treehouse”, we put down the “sex blanket” (a Liberator Throw) to catch any fluids, got out the NJoy Pure Wand, and brought the jar of coconut oil into easy reach. As aroused as S already was, getting her to squirt took surprisingly little time. Her ejaculate was copious and decidedly milky white. I still haven’t found the knack of making her squirt with my fingers, but the heavy steel barbell does the trick pretty reliably. As I was using the barbell on her, I provided some auxiliary stimulation by playing with her clit, then later very shallowly fingering her asshole. She soaked the blanket quite thoroughly and noisily (and happily, the mattress below stayed entirely dry).

We have gradually been exploring more ass play between the two of us, and this seemed like a good time to push that envelope a bit. (“I’d push her envelope, I tell you whut.”) We took some time to examine in a clinical fashion what she liked and what wasn’t as good. With not even one knuckle fully inserted, I demonstrated lightly jostling and bouncing my finger (her favorite), working my finger in and out without actually stroking the skin (I can demonstrate that better than I know how to describe it), and then stroking my finger in and out a way that actually stroked the skin (which was a little too intense for her).

Equipped with a better idea of what was working for her, I asked her to get on hands and knees. I inserted the narrow end of the NJoy into her pussy and played with that in the usual fashion, soon getting her to squirt a bit more. After a while I bent forward and started lapping at the puckered pink rosebud of her asshole. She groaned deeply, her face and shoulders dropped to the bed and her ass arched towards the sky. We played with that for quite a while, with explosive results. I have become familiar with how fast and how often S can orgasm, in rolling waves one right on top of the other. This was several steps beyond that. She was thrashing side to side, screaming gutturally into the pillow, utterly incoherent, one step away from a grand mal seizure. When that went on long enough that I thought she might hurt herself, I backed off slightly, stopped lapping at her asshole, let her gather her wits, and then resumed the intensity, this time stroking her clit as well. And whoosh, there she goes again. I played through several variations of that, until she begged for a break to have a drink of water.

After the briefest of respites, we decided to very carefully try to narrow end of the NJoy wand in her ass. Still in the “face down, ass up” pose, I held the wand very still and let her gradually work it inside her ass. With me holding the wand still, she could be in control of the speed and depth of the action, pausing to get used to the size and sensation as needed, then working deeper, then waiting, then again. Ultimately, she took the ball end of the wand and perhaps an inch of shaft, and that seemed to be a happy place for her. With the slightest rocking motion of the wand, I started stroking her clit, bringing her to a couple of very happy orgasms with the wand inside her. Emboldened, I slipped two fingers inside her pussy and started playing with her g-spot while the wand was still in her ass. The wall separating the rectum from the vaginal canal is rather thin, and I could clearly feel the hard ball of the wand against my fingers as I stroked her g-spot. She had several more orgasms this way, rather louder and more enthusiastically. On a hunch, I removed my fingers and just played with the wand in her ass, hoping it would tap in a diffuse way against her g-spot. It seemed successful, and she had two solid orgasms with no stimulation aside from the wand in her ass (albeit, stimulating her g-spot indirectly).

When her ass finally reached its limit, I held the wand steady and let her ease forward until the bulbous end plopped free. I reassured her that I saw no sign at all of any tearing, nor any slight bleeding, and frankly, no messy “santorum” either. I gave her well-used asshole a friendly and comforting lap or two, set the wand aside, and fell on the bed beside her as she exclaimed a tired but joyful “Wow!” Then she noticed my cock, which was rather happily erect, and perhaps even a bit larger than usual.

She attempted some profound deep throating, and found the extra smidge of length too much for her throat. She asked me to fuck her instead, and I did so with great abandon. In all honesty, I was so crazy aroused by this time that I didn’t last very long, but it was still enough to give her three or so more orgasms before I reached my own shuddering, groaning climax.

Goddamn. Is it any wonder we so rarely leave the house?

Note: Wow, I threw around a couple of brand names in this post. I want to rush to reassure readers (all two of them) that I have no connection with the companies cited and there’s no compensation whatsoever. I only mention the brands with such specificity in case someone reading thinks to themselves “That sounds nifty! I wonder where I could find one of those.”

And then there’s the time you’re fucking one girl in the missionary position, while another girl strokes generous amounts of coconut oil onto your dangling testicles and around the rim of your sphincter.

Some aspects of domination do not come naturally to me. So much of my sexuality has been about putting my partner at ease and making sure they are deeply comfortable, emotionally and physically. Because if they feel safe and at ease, they’ll be able to more fully relax and enjoy themselves, right? Right? Well, mostly. Until you start venturing into the deeper waters of BDSM play.

For instance, I’ve always thought that heterosexual 69 should be done with the woman on top, which allows the woman to control the depth and speed of the fellatio. Additionally, if the guy is on top he runs the risk of suffocating his partner when his ballsack settles over her nose while her mouth is already quite full.

For the past several months, I have been involved with a partner who has been eager to learn to deep throat. As there is a significant BDSM aspect to our relationship, the “learning” has been fairly aggressive at times. We started with hanging her head off the edge of the bed (which helps straighten the bend between her mouth and throat) while I fucked her mouth somewhat aggressively. From this position I played with pushing my cock farther into her mouth, seeing how deep I could go before engaging her gag reflex, challenging her to hold her breath, and sometimes fucking her mouth with more force and speed. Her progress from week to week has been a very pleasant surprise. It didn’t take long before I was able to push into her throat on a regular basis and she proved herself capable of swallowing my cock in more conventional positions, such as kneeling in bed.

As we were tumbling about in bed recently, she ended up reclined while I knelt at her head. I dangled my cock within reach of her mouth, expecting a friendly little lick or kiss on the head. Instead she sucked my cock fully into her mouth and I seized the moment to advance her training. I pulled her arms straight down her sides and pinned them to the bed with my hands while I straddled her head and pushed my cock deeper into her mouth. Instantly her arms began to struggle in my grip and her hips twisted side to side looking for escape. I lowered myself until my belly was pinning her chest to the bed and fucked her throat deeply. When her desperation reached new levels, I lifted up and allowed her to take thirsty gasps of air. After the briefest of respites, I pushed in again and took her throat roughly. We repeated this over and over, me fucking her mouth and throat roughly and her frantic heaving breaths. Occasionally, she managed to wrench her arm free and would push at my torso trying to dislodge me. When I would relent and allow her a brief bit of air, her hand would fly to her face to wipe away tears and drool. I quickly forbid that, pinned her arms again, and wiped my cock across her face multiple times until she was slick and wet. And then I forced myself into her mouth again, and again, and again. I quickly learned her panic “flight response” started several seconds before she actually needed air, and I could distract her and prolong the experience by giving her orders before I would pull back and let her breathe. Commanding her to grasp my ass with her hands and pull me in deeper was an especially inspired moment, as it forced her to take my cock a little deeper and a little longer before I finally acceded to her panic and let her draw in air again.

We’ve done this several times now, and it has become a favorite part of our routine. If we do it multiple times in an evening, I can feel when her throat gets a little swollen and is harder to push into. Her voice develops a rasp for several hours afterwards, which amuses both of us. “I’ve finally gotten that Tallulah Bankhead bourbon-and-cigarettes voice that I’ve always wanted,” she says with a big smile. And when we are separated and she is feeling my absence particularly sharply, she will complain, “My throat is so very empty.”

A similar story could be told about fucking. Despite its reputation as a vanilla mainstay, I’ve always been quite partial to the missionary position. It puts the female partner in a very comfortable posture, there’s ample eye contact, kissing can happen, as well as breast play, clit play… what’s not to like? Don’t get me wrong, I mix it up a lot, but missionary is a very reliable part of my repertoire.

Once again, “as we were tumbling about in bed recently”, I found myself straddling the girl while she was face down on the bed, arms and legs straight. I started with the intention of sliding my cock against the crease of her ass, teasing her a bit. This is perhaps the time to mention that this is my first partner with a particularly small (but absolutely exquisite!) ass. I soon found that my cock was getting quite damp from the sliding back and forth, because her cunt with surprisingly accessible and exposed. Straddling her ass and thighs, I sank my cock into her waiting pussy. The opportunities presented by this position were revealed in very short order. I spread my fingers wide and braced my palms against the back of her rib cage, locking her in place and making her helpless. Any effort she made to twist and writhe away only served to drive my cock into her deeper. I played with depth, teasing her with the head of my cock just barely sliding in and out of her while she whimpers in need. When I drove in deep and hard, the head of my cock pushed against her g-spot in a way the makes her exceedingly happy. Once again, this position has become a featured part of our toolkit now.

So more lesson from my on-going journeys into BDSM. Using my body to pin down and trap my partner. Forcing myself on them (in an entirely consensual way!). Appreciating the pleasures to be found in discomfort.