This memory came back to me with a sudden clarity this afternoon, and I wanted to write it dow for keeping.

In high school, in Memphis, in the 1980s.

I’d brought Paula home after a date that neither of us wanted to end. She peeked in her house and determined that her parents were sufficiently asleep, and so decided we could risk lying out on a blanket in her backyard. If her parents awoke, at least she was really home by curfew, even if she wasn’t exactly inside and tucked into bed.

Lying side by side on the blanket, staring up at the sky and the clouds sliding past. Holding hands turned to snuggling, turned to cuddling, turned to petting, turned to fucking.

Paula had mastered riding me with a slow pelvic rock that ground her clit against my pubic bone, slowly, leisurely, quietly.


When a warm, Summer rain started, Paula spread her arms, arched her back, and lifted her face to the dark, wet skies. She held herself in that ecstatic pose while I pushed and surged under her until I came hard and hot inside her, panting, dripping.

Years later Paula found out her sister (2 years younger) had been watching the entire time, most avidly, masturbating furiously the entire time.

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After a suitable break of resting, photos, a snack, a little napping, I wondered if she was ready for round two. She was flat on her back, resting with eyes closed, not quite asleep but not far from it. Very gently, I started brushing my fingers against her wet, sticky lips. She let that continue for several strokes before a big smile came across her face and her eyes fluttered open. I murmured softly against her ear. “I got cheated last time; I didn’t get to suck your pussy! Can you help me out?” Her grin grew larger and she nodded her head enthusiastically. “Give me some room to work.”, I said with a wicked smile.

She rolled to the side of the blanket and let me lie flat on my back. She rose up to her knees, and straddled my shoulders and face, one thigh on each side. I rolled my arms under her legs and wrapped around her thighs, holding her wide open and pulling her forward to my mouth. Her cunt was still wet and messy from the previous fucking, so I wasted no time on subtlety. I buried my face in her folds, sliding side to side so that my nose rutted against her clit. With a broad, flat tongue, I drew firm strokes straight up the middle, dipping into her slit and ending with a firm slurp of her lit. Over and over, until her thighs clamped rigidly against my ears and she commanded me to “Suck!” Obedient, I locked my lips around her clit hood and sucked tightly as her thighs trembled though a long, messy orgasm. I finally backed off a bit; giving her just the tiniest bit of space to recover, and then started stroking lightly with a sharp, pointed tongue, high on the shaft of her clit, just enough to keep her on the edge. Her breathing settled slightly and after a moment or two, her hips started rolling forward and back, trying to shift my tongue’s pressure back to the head of her clit. Suddenly, she stiffened and froze. “There’s someone down there!” she hissed, pointing with her chin to the trail below. I pulled my face back from her pussy just enough to grin up at her, “Well, you better be quiet then!”, and promptly started sucking in earnest. She groaned out a muted little, “fuck” and braced her palms against my scalp as I sucked furiously until her thighs went rigid and her nails dug into my scalp. I held suction on her clit, stretching out her orgasm as long as I could until she pushed back from my face saying “Okay, okay, okay, I can’t take that any more!”

I smiley hugely and said, “On your hands and knees, then.” Her eyes grew larger and she dropped to all fours, facing the waterfall and the path below. I knelt behind her and nudged her knees farther apart. I pressed between her shoulder blades until her chest was crushed against the mexican blanket and her ass was jutting up in the air. Inching forward, I pushed my cock past her tight lips and sank deep into her. She exhaled a sharp, muted, “Oh!” as her eyes followed the hikers around the waterfall, making sure they didn’t look up suddenly. I knew I didn’t have long, as this position drove her out of her mind.

I grabbed her hips and plunged forward repeatedly, my balls swaying back and forth, bumping her clit. I looked down her back, over her shoulders, at the kids clambering over boulders around the basin of the falls. Feeling the sun on my back, I pulled her ass cheeks apart and settled just that tiniest bit deeper into her pussy. Reaching forward, I plunged my fingers into her hair close to the scalp and pulled back. Her head reared back and her hips pressed back against me that much harder, while I continued thrusting into her. The walls of her pussy began to spasm and I couldn’t hold it any longer. One more time, I thrust as deeply as I could and felt the head of my cock throb and pulse, filling her with a surge of hot jism. She panted and whimper, feeling me stretch her out and press tightly forward. Panting, I fell forward and pressed her flat. I laid against her back, listening to our panting slow and watching the mist from the waterfall.

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It only took a half hour of hiking on the trail before we found the waterfall, almost twice as tall as Niagara and with nary a soul in sight. We scrambled up a series of rock slides until we reached a clearing atop a large boulder, with an amazing view of the waterfall and well-hidden from the hiking trail below. We were already sweaty from the hike, so we didn’t need any encouragement to strip down and cool off. A couple of mexican blankets were laid atop the curly moss, backpacks were set aside and clothes were peeled off, all in record time.

At first, we just lazed in peace, cooling off in the faint breeze, enjoying the dappled sunlight filtering through the tree canopy, listening to the cascading roar of the waterfall. I shifted position and rolled on my side. Sliding down a bit, I lowered my mouth over my partner’s nipple, giving a long, languorous suck. Her nipple stiffened in my mouth and I sucked harder, pulling at it until I heard her breath catch and a slight moan escape from her mouth. I started dragging my teeth along her areola, while I used my free hand to start stroking her other nipple.

Now I had her undivided attention. She rolled on her side to face me, pulling one nipple from my mouth and pushing the other towards my face. She cocked her leg, opening her thighs and inviting my fingers to play, pet and stroke. I brushed my fingers through the small thatch of hair on her mons and then dragged my fingers across her labia. I pressed her lips together with my thumb and index finger and rolled them against each other, trapping the root of her clitoris against the gentle pressure. She’s an impatient lover, and pushed her hips forward, seeking more intense stimulation. I slipped my fingers between her lips, gathering a little moisture from the hungry mouth of her pussy and dragging it over her clit until it was slippery and stiff. Her panting reached a pitch and she groaned out a small orgasm while I sucked and stroked.

When she couldn’t take any more, she placed a palm against my chest and pushed me onto my back. She rolled onto her knees and her mouth engulfed my cock in one motion. Her hair cascading down, brushing my hips as she bobbed her head up and down on my shaft. Her nose buried into my pubes as she took my cock as deep into her mouth as she dared. I reached my hand over and grabbed a handful of her ass cheek, squeezing, mauling. When I pressed her cheeks apart just right, I could hear a wet, slick noise as her pussy lips parted and came back together.

Her impatience won out again (as it always does) and she pulled her mouth off my cock with a wet, slurping noise. I rolled out of the way and let her lie back on the blankets, knees parted and lifted in the air. I knelt between her knees and she grabbed my shaft in her hand and guided it towards her wet cleft. Leaning forward, I sank into her. With the first push, I buried the head of my cock inside her. I pulled back to gather some moist and sank another inch deeper, then pulled back again and sank deeper still. Finally I got seated all the way inside her, our pubic bones pressed together and her thighs clenched against my hips.  I rocked back on my heels, pulling almost all the way out, then lurched forward again, setting up long, slow, full strokes in and out. She whimpered a bit in frustration, wanting the hard, fast fucking that would give her the immediate gratification of an orgasm. I grinned and ignored her cries. A slow, deep fucking wouldn’t give her the immediate release she craved, but the eventual climax would be all the grander for the waiting and anticipation. I kept the pace, pausing occasionally to dip my head and suck hungrily and nibble lightly at her nipple until she winced. She lolled her head back sharply, looking behind her at the cascading water of the falls as her cunt started grasping at the shaft of my prick. I looked over her shoulder at the waterfall and increased my pace, driving into her until she stiffed and fell into a rolling wave of orgasms. I pressed harder and faster until I felt my own orgasm boiling up from my scrotum. My balls slapped loudly against her ass until I finally fell forward, filling her pussy with my cum. I held that pose for several seconds, breathing heavily, feeling my cock throb and surge, squeezing out the last few drops.

Hooray, hooray, it’s the first of May! Outdoor fucking starts today!

We hiked more than a mile back on the trail, until we were in sight of the waterfall. The scenery was spectacular, but for the last few minutes, we were looking for a secluded spot off the trail for a little privacy. Although we hadn’t seen any other hikers out yet, being surprised didn’t factor into my idea of a good time. Eventually, I saw a spot, upslope from the trail, nestled behind a giant pine. We scrambled up the rocky soil and found a pleasant little nook, including a rock just big enough for the two of us to sit side by side. We settled into place and examined what we could see of the trail from that vantage point, and decided we had an acceptable minimum of privacy. We watched the waterfall for several minutes, and passed the water bottle between us.

I retrieved a woven blanket from my backpack, folded it into a small pad and placed it at the foot of the boulder M was sitting on. I knelt on the blanket in front of her and pushed her skirt up to reveal creamy bare thighs and a slippery smooth mons. Craning my neck, I reached in for the first few tentative licks. M tilted her hips and leaned backwards, opening herself up for me. I lapped slowly and broadly, right up the center of her pussy. Not the fast, specific strokes she usually favors, but something rather more slow and wide. Her hips moved impatiently for a few seconds until she settled to the slower pace. I kept that count, slow and regular, waiting for the warmth to spread in her groin. Before long, she was moaning softly and I was rewarded with the dark heady taste of M’s juices. I increased the pace just the slightest bit and soon M was holding the back of my head and jerking her hips against my mouth and chin as she cried out loud as she came. I sucked her lips, pressing her clit tightly with my lips, dizzy from the smell of pine, wild flowers and M’s flowering pussy.

We switched positions; I dropped my shorts and sat on the cold (!) stone and reclined until my arms reached the ground behind me, arching my back. M knelt on the folded blanket and schlurped my cock into her mouth. In sharp contrast to the cool mountain air, her mouth was unimaginably warm and my head spun from it all. My head lolled back, staring up along the shaft of the tree and the radiating limbs overhead.

tree view

M slipped a hand under my ball sack and gently stroked the underside of my balls and just below with her finger tips. Between that sweet touch and her tight, determined mouth, my head was spinning. I desperately wanted to be inside her, before I lost all control.

“Do you want to try backing onto my cock?”
M lifted her head and grinned at me. “Yes, please!”
She stood up in front of the rock where I was reclined, and then turned around and hiked her skirt, showing me her bare ass. She bent over at the hips and backed up towards me, reaching between her legs to aim my jutting cock, guiding it into her. She leaned her ass back towards me, crouched on flexed thighs, and again my prick slid into tight velvety warmth. I was stretched out on cold unyielding stone, with my back already deeply arched, so there was very little I could do to push back at M or to meet her strokes. So, I laid back and enjoyed the ride, watching M’s ass rise and fall on my cock, feeling her tight little pussy squeeze and pull my shaft. When it got too intense, I turned my head to stare at the surrounding woods. The smell of the trees mingled with the musky tang from M’s cunt, the rushing roar of the waterfall punctuated by ragged breathing and moans, the soft loamy soil under my hands and the creamy smooth ass bouncing against my lap. I could tell when M approached orgasm because it got more difficult for her to maintain her pace and the smooth pattern of M fucking herself on my cock was disrupted. I brought my hands to her hips and found just enough room to push back against her. The next time she got close, I kept rocking against her as she paused, and that helped her over the edge. She cried out into the trees and her voice only made me harder. After a few seconds, she started riding me faster, squeezing my prick, encouraging me to cum. I held tightly to her hips, adding to each stroke, pulling her down on me deeper and harder. My balls constricted tight and I pulled her down onto me and held her still while I climaxed deep in her pussy. For several seconds, I was lost in the pulse of my blood, the throbbing of my cock and every little motion of M’s pussy milking my shaft. Then gradually I became aware of the sunlight coming through the trees, the lichen on the ground, the ceaseless crashing of the waterfall. M slowly stepped forward, my cock sliding from between her legs, and she stood upright. She turned to smile at me.

Is it even possible to have a better May Day than this?