It only took us a few minutes of walking before we found a sheltered bit of beach where we could have some privacy. I got the blanket out of the backpack and spread it out on the sand. I didn’t feel like we had enough freedom to get completely undressed, but I had on loose shorts and M was going commando under her skirt, so we had some liberty. I sprawled out on the blanket, and M soon joined me. We laid on our sides, facing each other, hands tentatively petting. We made small talk about cool breeze blowing across the water and the sound of the waves, but it was clear our attention was really elsewhere. My hand started stroking up M’s thigh, and she lifted her skirt slightly and parted her thighs to accommodate me. My fingers reached higher and brushed against her faint downy pubes. I carefully pinched her lips together between my thumb and index finger, then pulled away, stretching her lips and sliding them against one another. I grabbed again, higher this time, and slipped my fingers back and forth, rubbing her lips together and nudging her clit at the same time. I got a low hum of appreciation from her, and she pulled at the neckline of her tanktop, offering her breast to me. I slipped my finger between her lips, and her wetness made me stiff with anticipation. I spread her nectar about, gliding freely over her clit. At the same time, I lowered my head to her cleavage and sucked her nipple into my mouth, squeezing it with my lips and fluttering my tongue against the very tip. She groaned loudly and her hand grabbed the back of my head and crushed it against her chest. My finger was slippery from her flow, enough that I had little traction or control. But however clumsy, my frantic rubbing brought her off, and I sucked harder at her nipple as she came.

As she panted and caught her breath, I brought my hand to my nose and inhaled generously, filling my head with rich musk. She smiled at me, blushing slightly, and I offered her the same finger, which she sniffed and then licked. It’s been too damn long since we’ve had a girlfriend to share, so she could lick pussy directly. I made a note to do something about that, when she pushed me onto my back and leaned over me. She reached for my obvious bulge, and worked on freeing my cock. To remind me that I needn’t be entirely passive, she waggled her ass at me. I took the cue, reaching my hand under her skirt and resumed fingering her dripping cunt. She finally freed my prick from its bindings and devoured it with an enthusiastic hunger. Her lips pursed tightly around my cock and her tongue waved side to side, stroking my shaft. My fingers focused on her clit, challenging her concentration, trying to see if she would keep sucking me as I brought her off again. She made a valiant effort, bobbing up and down only occasionally missing a stroke as I tried to wring more cum from her sopping cunt. I finally won the contest, as she sucked my cock deeply and then held her head very still while her hips jerked and contracted against my hand, shaking in climax.

She pulled her mouth off my cock with a wet sucking noise, and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She stood up and stepped over my body, giving me a brief but delicious view of her wet pussy. She squatted low, and reached for my dick, aiming it straight up and then sinking down onto it. Rather than sinking to her knees, she stayed balanced on the balls of her feet and flexed her thighs to float up and down on my throbbing shaft. This position is a favorite of mine, and M knew it. She rested her fingers on my belly, giving herself just the barest reassuring balance and milked my cock vigorously. My hands seized her inner thighs and spread them wide, opening her lips obscenely. I could watch my prick push in and out of her cunt, sticky threads of fluid forming, stretching, breaking, and then forming against as she rode me. I brushed her exposed clit with my thumb and the feeling nearly knocked her off me. I “settled” for simply laying back and watching the view, feeling her cunt grasp and squeeze me. When she settled into the lowest point of the squat, I could just imagine how her ass must be poking out, and I again found myself wishing for a spare hottie to play with her ass while she was so vulnerable. Just thinking about it made my balls tighten, and I grabbed onto M’s thighs and urged her just a little faster… more… more… yes! I pulled her low until our hair matted together and I shot jets of frothy cum deep inside her. She sat very still for seconds, and then shuddered hard, as if the hormone splash of semen triggered one last orgasm in her. She stayed perched on top of me until her thighs stopped trembling and she could stand again.

Our May Day celebration was so wonderful, we decided to repeat it. We found another trail to explore, this one much steeper. We hiked up many switchbacks, climbing an impressive hillside along a stream and multiple breathtaking waterfalls. The scenery was breathtaking and once we got past the second scenic viewpoint, the rest of the hikers gave up and we had the trail to ourselves. We paused several times, for a brief bit of groping and kissing, to take some photos of the view and of each other. By the time we got near the peak, we were both flush with sweat and panting. We paused by the waterfalls frequently, to catch our breath, to bask in the cold mist, to inhale the clean pine air deep into our lungs.

We finally spotted a flat, secluded spot off the trail, a place that would give us enough privacy to relax and frolic without apprehension. I dug a woven blanket from my backpack and spread it on the ground, wadding my polartech jacket and tossing it down as a pillow. I shed my shorts, boxers and tee-shirt, and laid down to soak in the sun, the stillness, and to let the sweat dry from my body. M picked up the camera and spent several minutes circling the blanket, taking pictures from multiple angles.

Resting in the woods

I drifted quietly for a bit, eyes squinted against the sunlight filtering through the leafy canopy and casting green over everything. I soon felt fingertips between my legs, brushing from the cleft of my cheeks to the fuzzy underside of my scrotum. My skin tightened and lifted in response, stirring my cock to life. M feathered her fingers up and down, watching my sack rise and my prick move of its own accord. With no further preamble, my cock was pulled into M’s warm mouth and encouraged to full stiffness. I lifted my eyes to watch her head nod up and down, her tongue and lips pressing my cock shaft and shifting side to side as she sucked. I lolled my head back and stared into the verdant canopy and my head spun with lust and submission. When she pulled back from my hard-on I asked, “What can I do for you? Do you want to be fingered, or licked? Or does mademoiselle prefer to proceed directly to the main course?” She said, “You’re going to lick me next. Stay still.”

M walked around to the head of the blanket, faced my feet and squatted low, bringing her pussy to my mouth. Her hiking skirt settled around my head and shoulders, and I started lapping hungrily. She was already wet, and I took a moment to breathe deeply from her drooling pussy. The rich musk made me even stiffer, and as I resumed licking, M laid forward across my torso and started sucking my prick again. Turned this direction, my licks up started on her clit hood, brushed over the head and ended when I dipped my tongue inside her for a taste of her nectar. Her mouth full of cock, M was quieter than usual, but I could still tell when I was doing a good job. I shook my tongue side to side over her hood and clit, and her mouth abruptly stopped moving on my shaft. I continued, a little firmer, and her thighs tightened for several seconds then started shuddering. I sucked her clit between my lips and pressed firmly and she trembled a bit longer before suddenly blowing me again with renewed enthusiasm. We played this game twice more, me sucking her pussy until she lost all composure and came wetly against my face.

She stood and I offered her a menu of choices. “How do you want it? I’ll fuck you standing, kneeling from behind, missionary…” She said, “I want to be on top”, and straddled my waist like the Colossus of Rhodes. She slowly squatted down, staying balanced on her feet and dipping her hips low. One knee was turned out to the side and the other ran parallel to my torso, so that her hips and pussy were angled strongly to my left. She sank deeper and fed my cock unto her clutching cunt. I knew this position required a lot of leg strength and was going to be especially tough for M after the long hike up the gorge. But M knew this was a position that set my head spinning and made me weak in the knees. She started flexing her knees and hips, bouncing gently in place, milking my cock. I held her hips to lend her some balance and otherwise held on for the ride. Like an ethereal but very tangible succubus, she slid her cunt on my shaft without resting her weight anywhere else. Her snatch rode up and down, sinking all the way down until we bumped pubic bones, then up again until only the head of my cock was trapped inside her. She was so damn tight and bobbing so fast, I couldn’t catch my breath. Flat on my back, staring up into the trees, watching M grin like a naughty schoolgirl while she flexed her cunt to squeeze me like a seasoned whore. The squeezing, clutching grip drove me out of my mind. Far too soon, I felt the end arriving. I tightened my hands on her hips and urged her just a little faster, and then pulled her down low, mashing our groins together and filling her cunt with a spray of hot cum. I laid still, balls drained, muscles deliciously tired, intoxicated by the good fortune. She sat in place, thighs shuddering and breasts surging for air. She locked eyes with me and smiled largely, and I said softly but emphatically, “Wow!”

She stood on trembling fawn legs and promptly squirted a load of semen on my thigh.:-) I grabbed the Nalgene bottle and took a swig of water. “Okay, now it’s your turn to be naked and have your picture taken!”