I came in from trimming the roses with one large pink bloom in one hand, holding the other hand to catch any raindrops still falling from it. He looked up from his book and grinned “I’ll give you a wet pink blossom!” Who could resist an invitation like that? I shimmied out of my underwear and walked around the side of the bed as he put his book away and rolled onto his back. I scooted my skirt up over my hips and leaned down just enough to bring my cunt to his waiting tongue.

“Oooooh!” Immediately I started gasping and my hips were moving of their own accord. He lapped tenderly at first, just barely parting my labia, and my hips started jerking, trying to force his tongue right where I wanted it. I thrust back and forth across his mouth impatiently, feeling the tingles escalating toward orgasm. He moved his hands up to hold me in place, clamping fingers into my ass and hips. His tongue attacked my clit precisely and I let out a cry as I started cumming hard. He didn’t let up and with hardly any downtime I found myself cumming again, thighs shaking. I pressed my legs against the side of the bed for support and tried to catch my breath. He sucked both of my lips into his mouth and pulled, causing me to groan and squirm.

Just as I started pushing away, muttering that I couldn’t take any more, I could feel a nice breeze on my pussy and realized he was softly blowing to cool me off. Ah, yes. I leaned forward from my position, pushed his underwear down just below his balls, and engulfed his cock in my mouth. I could feel his moan against my thighs and my cunt got even wetter. I’m not a huge fan of 69 because I find it so hard to concentrate both on what my mouth is doing and on what the other person’s mouth is doing, but this was fabulous. I pursed my lips and traced along the underside of his cock with suckling kisses and then started sucking again in earnest, pushing my hands underneath his body to knead his ass at the same time.

When my knees were buckling, I pushed back and started to stand up. He spun me around, catching my hips and pulling me back to his face. Blushing, I put my hands on the edge of the dresser and squatted just a little until I felt his tongue on me again. With the new angle I was overwhelmed quickly. It felt like every movement made me cum more and more and I was delirious. Recovering slightly from a particularly strong wave, I realized I was pulling hard enough to lift the dresser up onto two legs, so I let it back down gently before the drawers would fall out on me.

After some wheedling he agreed that perhaps there was just enough time before work for a quick fuck and stood up beside the bed. I pressed my knees into the side of the mattress as he pulled the edges of my skirt the rest of the way up. My ass waggled in invitation, searching for the cockhead that was bumping against my wet lips. His hand settled lightly on my back and I flattened my upper body across the bed. Once I was still he pushed forward, sinking his cock into me. I felt my nipples drag on the bedspread as I moved forward under his weight, and the tingle that sent to my cunt made me squeeze hard around this new invader. His cockhead pushed deeper and then scraped its way almost out, only to force my walls apart again on the next thrust. We grunted and moaned together, rocking the mattress nearly off the boxsprings until he came deep inside me, both hands gripping my hip bones.

Panting softly, he looked over at the clock and zoomed off to shower. I allowed myself to collapse on the bed once I’d covered my cunt with my hand. I laid there grinning and feeling satisfied while he rushed of to work, then I cleaned myself off and straightened the bed so it’s ready for the next round. I know I am!