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Bad timing and an extraordinary hot spell conspired to reduce our chances for sex to nil. So it was a great relief when the situation improved enough for M to summon me back to bed this morning. I went downstairs, shrugged my nightshirt over my shoulders and slid between the sheets, a little too cool in the morning for the first time in ages. I laid on my back and M curled against my side, an arm draped over my chest and a leg across my thighs. We curled, cuddled and caressed, tossing and turning to kiss, nuzzle and stroke. I kept the pace very slow, drawing things out, resisting the urge for a fast, savage fuck.

My hands roamed freely over her body, kneading her buttocks, gripping each cheek, pulling to open her cleft, squeezing it tightly together again. I drew my fingertips along her torso, counting the ribs, making her squirm at the occasional ticklish point. She leaned over me and I raked both hands across her back, lightly dragging my nails enough to make her arch her back like a purring cat. My hands found their way to her legs, stroking her flanks and settling at the top of her inner thighs. I petted and stroked there for the longest time, marveling at the baby-soft flesh. I strayed as high as possibly without touching her lips, teasing her, listening to her gasp, feeling her squirm under me. Before long I had ample evidence my teasing was working, as her thighs were moist from her drooling cunt. I inched just the barest bit higher, until the side of my hand whispered against her dripping lips. M found my neck and bit hard as I taunted her.

I pressed my fingers directly against her sopping twat, slipping side to side against her clit, pulling a gasp and groan from her. I pinched her lips and clit hood, the slick folds of skin squirting from between my fingers. I rubbed for several seconds, and then pulled back before she spilled over into an orgasm. M groaned in frustration and reached down to wrap her hot palm around my cock. She squeezed my shaft firmly, and I tortured her again, roughly rubbing her to a peak and then backing away before she found the release she craved.

M tossed her head from side to side, her hair splaying on the pillow. “Why won’t you give it to me? Why won’t you let me cum?”

“Are you begging me? How badly do you want it? What will you do for me?”

“Anything! I’ll do anything you want! I’ll be your little cum slut, I’ll milk your cock with my cunt, just .. please, give it to me!”

I continued toying with her pussy as she begged, rubbing her to the brink of orgasm, then pulling my hand away. “You’ll be my fuck toy? Service my every whim?”

“I will, I promise! Just let me cum, please!”

With that, I pinched her clit hood firmly, then rubbed aggressively. She started a prolonged crying orgasm, and I continued rubbing through her peak until her cries grew sharp, and then I pressed firmly against her clit until I could feel her blood pulse. Her thighs locked rigid for several seconds, an then as soon as she started to move, I attacked again, ruthlessly driving another orgasm from between her thighs, smearing her own cum all over her thighs and lips, and she groaned in relief again.

As soon as her eyes could focus again, M sat up on her knees and straddled my lap. My cock still in hand, she angled it straight up and sat down with a satisfied grunt. She pumped up and down several times, wriggling to get as low on my cock as she could. As she lifted one time, I reached down and spread her lips obscenely, and when she dropped low again, her bare clit slapped against my pubic bone, and she cried with surprise. We rocked together for several minutes, my hips driving up against her thrusts, my palms cupping her ass.

I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed M backwards. She leaned far back, arching her back, bracing herself with her hands against my shins. I gave her a wicked smile and made of show of licking my thumb before sliding it down to the wet junction of our bodies. I stroked once up her clit and her back convulsed. I set my hips rocking gently as I continued to finger her clit, making her shout at first, and then crying as she was wracked by another climax. As soon as she peaked, she leaned forward and started grinding against me with vigor. Her tight little pussy spasmed against my cock, milking me as promised. We started thrusting in concert, racing towards my own orgasm. I held her hips firmly and battered against her, selfishly chasing my own release until my balls tightened and I fired my load inside her. My hips bucked upwards and held her off the bed for several seconds until my throbbing subsided and I could unclench again.

I didn’t get around to writing up a few encounters until so late that the details had faded from memory. Sorry about that. I’m including these raw notes merely in order to have a complete record.

I licked M’s cunt.
She turned around and sucked me while I continued to lick her.
And finally I laid down while she rode me from on top.

We were both lying in bed, slowly waking up, brushing legs together, enjoying skin on skin. M eyed my growing package and asked with a guilty smile if she was gonna “get lucky”. I told her to roll onto her back and I laid stretched out between her legs. I lightly brushed her inner thighs, marveling at the baby-soft skin, and then brought my nose into her pink cleft and inhaled deeply. With my tongue outstretched, I stroked across her lips, lightly feathering my tongue side to side. She exhaled deeply and inched a little closer to me, looking for a firmer touch. I continued swinging my tongue side to side, sweeping across her clit and lips, feeling them swell and stir beneath my touch. M continued to roll her hips, and teased her by pulling back and asking, “Yes, can I help you?” She made a face and pretended to be cross, “Yes, you can help me cum!” I leaned back in and licked more intently, brushing right up the center of her pussy fast and firm until she softly swore, “Jesus!” Following her implied direction, I clasped my lips around her clit hood and pressed tightly, dragging out her orgasm. That pose lasted for several seconds, and then I resumed my attack, lapping furiously and dragging her back to another sharp climax, panting and muttering filthy obscenities.

When her breathing slowed, I directed her, “Get up onto all fours”. She carefully swung one leg over my head and rose to her hands and knees. I turned over onto my back and slipped my head between her legs. M realized what I had in mind and opened her thighs wider, bringing her cunt down to my face. Wrapping my arms around her thighs, I locked her in place and stabbed my tongue just inside her quivering wet fuckhole. Tasting her cum, I lashed out at her clit, stroking furiously. M cried out, sat upright on her knees and ground against my face as she came hard.

After her head cleared, she lifted off my jaw and started sliding down my torso. At the same time, I scooted up towards the head of the bed, both of us stopping when our groins met. With one foot on the mattress, she lifted higher, nestled my cock head against her cunt and then eased down, impaling herself on my prick. I pushed her thighs back until the rested in the grooves in my pelvis, then pulled her chest down to mine. Grabbing her ass cheeks, I pulled back until just the head of my prick was buried inside her, barely rocking back and forth. “Don’t tease me”, she pleaded, “give me all of it! Stick it in!” I was feeling as greedy as she was, and didn’t have the patience to tease her. With a hard push, I rammed deep into her again and she pressed down to meet it. My cock surged, feeling even thicker, and I focused on thrusting repeatedly. M’s face contorted and she fell forward on my chest, crying and panting. Feeling my own orgasm building, I thrust faster. M leaned down and sucked hard on my sharp little nipple. My urgency built and I pushed deeper, thrusting until I grabbed her hips and held her still and low against while I pulsed wetly inside her. M shuddered over me, her thighs trembling, and I felt my pulse beat in my cock, gradually slowing. We both rolled sideways and M carefully lifted up, trying to keep cum from dribbling out of her.

As M began stirring in the morning, I put down my book and rolled on my back. As hot and hazy as it was outside, I was only partially covered by the thin motel sheet. M rolled over in bed to face me and immediately noticed my cock languidly bobbing at half mast. She got up to use the toilet, and when she returned, she knelt at the foot of the bed and crept towards me on all fours. Bending low, she nestled her nose into the base of my cock, rooting in my pubes, breathing deeply. She took a breath and moved to the other side and breathed deeply again, as if searching for truffles. Her hair fanned out across my crotch, silky threads dragging over my tightening ball sack and wrapping around my cock. She dragged her head back and forth, sweeping her hair over me. She centered her mane over my prick and then wrapped around that with her hand, gently jacking her fine hair up and down my shaft, urging me to full stiffness. When I was throbbing tightly in her hair, in her hand, she pulled back and tossed her hair over her shoulder. Opening her mouth wide, she lowered her head over my cock, careful not to touch it with her mouth until her lips could clamp softly on the base. My hips rose off the bed as she started aggressively sucking, her tongue massaging the underside of my cock while her lips held a tight little ring that worked up and down my shaft. She slid a hand under me and dug her fingers into my ass, urging my hips to rise and feed her more cock. As she ministered to me, I slipped one leg between her knees and pressed high, rubbing my shin against her pubic mound. She parted her thighs and I pulled my leg up and brushed the folds of her cunt with my big toe. She moaned low, her lips buzzing against my cock. Eager for more, she lifted off my leg swung her hips around sideways, bringing her ass within my grasp. I reached a hand behind her and between her thighs, slipping my fingers between her lips. I found her clit hood and stroked back and forth. M lifted her head off my cock for just long enough to groan, “Fuck, yes…” and then started sucking me off with renewed vigor. Keeping the same steady stroke, I fingered her until her mouth locked still on my cock and her thighs clamped on my hand and shook. When she finally opened her eyes and parted her thighs again, I slipped fingers low between her lips, and found her wet and enflamed.

I pressed on her shoulders, lifting her willing mouth from my shaft. I swung my legs off the bed and walked around behind her. She inched backwards until her knees reached the edge of the bed, then straightened her legs and stood, ass aimed at me while her arms and torso stretched out on the bed in front of her. I dipped my knees and leaned forward, pressing my fat cock into her coral gash. M pressed back against me and the head of my prick worked its way inside her. I reached down and roughly opened her ass cheeks and thighs, indirectly opening her slit and finally pushed my shaft all the way home. She cried out, her face smashed into a pillow. “Finger yourself”, I ordered, and her hand moved between her thighs and started sawing at her clit. I grabbed high on her waist and started pumping, my low heavy ball sack swinging forward and back, slapping at her fingers and clit with every stroke. Her cunt milked me and I plunged forward selfishly, plunging into her and listening to her cries until my abdomen tightened and I leaned far forward to spew hot cum deep inside her. Before I even finished pulsing, I gave her another dozen slow pumps with my diminishing cock, reveling in the hot velvet pull of her cunt.

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After a long, hot, sweaty day, we were finally back in our motel room, basking in the minimalist output from the window-unit air conditioner. M and I had wasted no time in shimmying out of your clothes and were lounging on cool sheets on the double bed. Eyeing her naked form, I casually mentioned, “You know, I don’t think I’ve had a chance to lick your pussy since your wax this week.” She flashed me a mischievous smile and said “Well, what are you waiting for?” She inch-wormed her ass towards the head of the bed, giving me room to lie in front of her, and then spread her thighs invitingly. I laid on my belly in front of her and lowered my mouth to her waiting cunt. I hungrily sucked in the folds and lips, tasting sweat, salt water and her own natural tang. Enflamed by her taste, I lapped eagerly, causing her to cry out. I tried to curtail my enthusiasm, to give her a little chance to warm up. I pulled my mouth back and started stroking and lapping just with my tongue. I followed the undulations of her labia, tracing lines and gradually opening her up. She buckled and arched her pelvis off the bed into my face, and I took the hint. I directed my attention higher, lapping at the hood until her clit swelled and began to emerge from cover. Just the barest flicker of tongue on her exposed clit for several seconds brought her to a groaning orgasm. I dipped my tongue between her lips again, this time finding ample sticky flow of juices. I plunged my tongue in deep, and then lashed at her clit again, until she was wracked with another fast orgasm.

I lifted up and slid further up her body. I paused to suckle at her nipple, and she immediately started hunched farther down, trying to grind against my cock. recognizing how eager she was, I decided to try an uncommon approach towards teasing her. I inched forward and guided my cock between her lips. The bulbous head of my prick was dry and began folding in her lips. I was inclined to slowly worm my way inside, teasing and stretching her as I battered my way in. Instead, she reached down and opened herself wider, and then pulled my hips forward until I sank the rest of the way in. I took several strokes to get moist and settled, and then started my teasing strategy. I pulled my rod out until only the head was inside her, and then started very shallow little stabbing strokes, giving her no depth at all. After several seconds, she whimpered, “More! Give me all of it!” and I just smiled down at her and kept teasing. The idea was the whip her into a frenzy with the very shallow strokes, and then just as she was about to climax, sink deeply into her. This was a game I hadn’t played in a long time, but I remembered it resulting in some thunderous orgasms. I tried to find a steady pace of very shallow strokes, but I moved too far back and my head slipped from between her lips. I pulled back and aimed inside her again, and resumed a tiny little stabbing fuck. Just as she began warming to it, I again moved too far and slipped free of her grasping pussy. “Slide me in”, I asked, and she reached between her legs and guided my cock home. One more time, I stopped before my shaft fully entered up and started a fast little stabbing fuck, and again I popped out before I could get her as excited as I wanted. Sigh. So much for that plan. I guess every fuck can’t be a masterpiece. Determined not to be a completely lousy lay, this time I slipped all the way in and sank deeply, driving a long shuddering groan from M. I hooked one of my arms under her leg, hoisting her open and allowing me to settle forward until her cunt lips were lapping at the root of my cock. She wrapped her other leg behind me, digging her heel into my ass and urging me forward. I plunged into her eagerly, moving side to side to open her lips so I could grind against her clit with each thrust. She moaned and pulled me closer while I thrust into her until I finally crossed the point of no return. I pushed a little faster for several strokes and then dropped deep to pulse wetly inside her. After several seconds of diminishing throbs, I rolled off her and dropped to the mattress while she stepped to the bathroom for several seconds.

Sex is like pizza; even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. But I was determined to have a better slice next time. M settled in bed next to me and we listened to the thunderstorm build outside.

We were trying valiantly to sleep in, but with the sun streaming in through the window , we began to stir early than we would have liked. With only a thin sheet covering us, we were still feeling the window AC slowly losing its battle with the growing heat outside. I rolled over on my back and stretched my arms overhead. M rolled towards me and glanced down my body, her eyes lingering where I was “pitching a tent”. She smiled at me, licked her lips and threw the sheet back with a dramatic flourish. Before I could respond, she leaned over me and engulfed my cock with her mouth.

I’m used to waking up horny while M more often wants time to gradually wake up. But, I’m always happy to accommodate the occasional exception. 🙂 She sucked intently, quickly urging my morning wood into a ram-rod erection. At the same time, she brought her knees up under her and came to all fours, without missing a single stroke. Presenting her ass to me, her head bobbed up and down with enthusiasm, and I thanked her by slipping my hand between her legs and rubbing the sleep from her thighs. Still sucking me at a feverish pace, she leaned her ass backwards, pressing her cunt into my hand. I slid the side of my index finger along her slot and sawed back and forth, spreading her lips and brushing against her clit. Her mouth tightened on my stalk and I knew she must be enjoying my efforts. Her head dropped deeper and she gagged slightly as she tried to take more of my length inside her mouth. Her pussy melted at my touch, her lips growing softer and creaming oozing from inside her as I petted and stroked. She groaned loudly, buzzing her tongue against my cock.

In a hungry rush, she pulled her head back from my prick and spun in place until she swung a leg across my lap. With one knee on the mattress and the other foot planted beside me, she seized my cock and rubbed the fat head back and forth along her wet gash twice before sinking heavily against me. With one push, her pussy swallowed my cock as deeply as her mouth had just seconds before. She lifted up and then dropped down again, roughly spearing herself on my shaft. I liked being used, being played with like a fuck toy, and folded my arms behind my head and watched her work. She grunted with each push, trying to stuff more of me inside her, flexing her thighs until she rose up on her knees, then falling back down on my prick. She rode her pony that way until she slowed with fatigue and her thighs began to tremble. “Lean back”, I told her, and she did, arching her back, aiming her tits at the ceiling and placing her hands behind her on my shins. I licked my thumb and then brushed it softly across the raw, wet, pink head of her clit. She cried out, and twisted her hips, trying to get my cock to burrow into her cunt at the same time. I stroked harder twice more and she came loud and hard. As soon as the wave passed, she leaned forward quickly, reached behind her and caresses my balls. Then she leaned farther forward and started rocking up and down, humping against my prick. At the same time, I lifted my hips and started thrusting up into her, meeting her strokes and bouncing against her. I put my hands on her hips and held her tight against my crotch, driving deeper into her, grinding against her. Already at a fever pitch, the fast shafting brought her off again, groaning my name. Listening to her cum made my blood boil, and I started thrusting selfishly, in search of my own climax. My balls tightened and I pulled M down hard, nestling my cock head deep in time to spray hotly, gasping while my prick throbbed and surged inside her. M held still for several seconds, feeling me pulse, then shimmied her hips and kissed me on the forehead before dismounting and flopping on the bed beside me.

Just as the evening was beginning to cool, M came to me with a naughty smile and said “Wanna fool around?” I swear, I’m the luckiest guy ever.

I stripped down and sprawled on the bed, and waited for M to join me. She came into the room a couple of minutes later, looked me over and said “Oh my.” I moved to the top of the bed and cleared some pillows from around my shoulders. “Come up here and let me lick you.” She blushed lightly, as I think this position feels more “dirty” to her. Maybe that’s why I like it. But shy or not, she moved to comply. she knelt on the bed and walked forward, settling one knee on each side of her head and resting her ass back against my collar bones. I started very slowly and tentatively. With a pointed tongue, I traced the outline of her vulva, staying outside the lips and drawing wet little traces in an upside down triangle. Across the top, my tongue just barely brushed across her clit, just enough to garner a “Mmmmm”, but no more. After several repetitions on this, I started kissing along the path, wet kisses with parted lips, sucking slightly on the labia, feeling them puff and swell with arousal at the attention. And the kisses continued across the top, including a kiss centered on her clit hood that made her inhale sharply and squirm. With a pointed tongue again, I dipped my tongue straight into her honey pot to collect some of the gathering nectar, and then started stroking along the base of each lip, parting the folds and painting them with the available dew. I finished this circuit with an excruciatingly slow lick right up the center, dragging my tongue over the clasping ring of muscle opening of her pussy, up between the lips, and then directly across her head of her clit and up the hooded shaft. By the time I was lapping up her hood, she was grinding her crotch against my face, struggling to get more friction, more pressure just where she wanted it. I started giving her broad shlurping puppy licks, right up the center, ending each with a kiss on her clit. This was more than before, but still merely teasing as far as she was concerned. She whimpered out loud, wordlessly begging for relief. I flattened my tongue and started paddling her clit with it, a fast little flurry of spankings that made her cry out. She spread her thighs even wider, pressing her cunt against my jaw, and then got very still and let the stimulation build deliciously, as if she worried any word or motion from her would cause me to stop. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and held tight while I continued tapping her clit with my tongue until I heard her peak, “Yes, yes, yes… yes! Suck!” which told me to inhale her clit and lips into my mouth and press tight, stretching out her orgasm longer and longer. She stayed frozen for a while, lost in her own world of fireworks and disco lights and crashing waves. I tried holding still, but eventually gave in to the temptation to give her an additional kiss, which caused her to jump, scooting backwards from my face and muttering “No more, no more, no more, I can’t take it… just wait…”

Sitting back on my chest, she leaned backwards and reached for my cock. Finding it stiff and jutting straight up, she gave it a friendly tug or two. She must have liked what she found, because she dismounted from my chest and swung her head around to sniff and root at the base of my prick, burying her nose in my pubes and inhaling deeply. She lifted up and gave the head of my cock a friendly lap before opening wide and sinking her lips around my prick down the the very base. My toes curled with pleasure and anticipation as she started sucking me off, her lips pursing and her tongue stroking the underside of my shaft. I reached for her pussy, wet and sticky from her arousal, and started sliding my fingers along her furrowed slit. My fingers dipped low, stroking the tight ring of her cunt mouth, feeling it flutter and contract against me. It’s still amazing to me that my cock fits into such a tight little space. I returned to buttering her clit, just enough to cause her to pause in blowing me, breaking her concentration. She pushed her hips back against my hand, getting just enough pressure to push her over the edge again. Her lips barely moved against my throbbing shaft as she rode out another shuddering orgasm.

She lifted her head, and grabbed my cock with her hand. Swinging a leg across my body, she settled in place over my crotch, aimed my prick and sat down enthusiastically. As wet as she was, her cunt still struggled to admit me, and it took several impatient strokes before my cock was sheathed deep within her tight little fuckhole. She started pumping up and down, reaming out her pussy on my ram-rod cock, dripping her juices down my ballsack. She humped frantically, trying to get another orgasm quickly, but her thighs tired out before she reached her goal. She whimpered in frustration and started moving slower. I pulled her down to my chest and reached for her ass cheeks, pulling them apart and opening her wide. I started thrusting from below, while she rested helplessly against me. Opening my thighs wide to keep her spread, and pumping furiously, I had her crying and biting into my chest in no time.

After all of this, I wanted an enthusiastic end for my own orgasm. While she was still swooning against me, I rolled her off me and to my side. Getting up on all fours, I encouraged her to slide towards the middle of the bed and open her thighs to me. I leaned into place and my cock slid home as if it had never left. I picked her leg up over my shoulder and started grinding into her, boring deep and rubbing my pubic mound against her engorged clit. She cried out, wordless noises, and I started thrusting eagerly, spastically, abandoning all finesse in search of my own hard orgasm. She held her hands against her breasts, in part steadying them from rocking painfully in time with my thrusts, and in part to squeeze and pinch her nipples. while I shafted in and out of her. Watching her toss her head side to side, her hair splayed out across the blanket and over her eyes as she flailed under my assault. I pushed again and again, feeling the moment coming and going faster and deeper. I hiked her leg just a little higher and then came explosively, draining my balls deep inside her twitching pussy, thoroughly and completely emptied. I held still trying to catch my own breath, listening to M’s own panting, and then slowly easing her leg back to the bed. I gave a slow, optimistic stroke or two but my cock continued to dwindle and I slipped free and collapsed beside her on the bed.

M woke up playful. We started out kissing in bed, and that quickly gave way to nibbling and biting, snapping teeth at each other, lunging forward for a gentle bite or a rough suck in just the right place to elicit a squeal. I am often crazy ticklish, and every time she feinted for a vulnerable spot, I recoiled in alarm, trying to ward her off. She grabbed my wrists and started wrestling with me, trying to keep my arms out of the way while she teased me. I’m big enough and string enough to shake her off, but maybe not without accidentally hurting her, and besides, sometimes it’s fun to let her have her way. 🙂 And this was one of those times. She pushed forward with the weight of her upper body and pinned my arms to the mattress. She followed this by swinging a leg across me and sitting on my belly. She leaned in close to nip at my neck and all I could do was scrunch my shoulders and lean my head to block her access. And if she lingered too long in one spot, I could dart my head forward and bite her neck. The best defense is a good offense, right? She squealed, pulled back and looked for another weakness of mine to explore. She tried biting me a few more times, and each time, I think I gave as good as I got. She pulled back with a grin and said, “If you’re so determined to use that mouth, I’ll at least get the most out of it!” And she scooted her pelvis forward, dragging her pussy up my chest before sitting at my shoulders and rubbing her cunt in my face.

She spread her thighs wide and pressed her crotch hard against my jaw, so I was hardly in a position to complain, even if I had been so inclined. I started with broad puppy-dog licks, wet and wide, right up the middle of her twat. Impatiently little slut that she is, she worked her hips back and forth, trying to get me to focus on her clit, but I ignored her ploy and kept it up. After five or so laps, her lips came unglued and spread wide for me. With a sharp pointed tongue, I stroked between, spreading her labia and tasking the first bit of musk that oozed from inside her. With her lips spread and painted wet, I trailed upwards and gently tapped her emerging clit with the tip of my tongue. She ground against me and gentle tapping gave way to a rhythmic slapping as I spanked her clit with my tongue. I could feel the urgency building insider her as she moaned and rubbed against me, until she bucked hard and shouted “Suck!”, my cue to stop licking and to suck her clit hard , holding pressure on it as as she rode the orgasm. She was very still for several seconds, lost in her own world, and I moved my mouth just a little. She jumped and pulled her pussy back, saying “Too much! Too much, too much, too much…” and holding back just out of reach of my tongue. I blew cool air at her lips and she purred her appreciation at me.

She slid back down my torso, dragging her cunt against me, leaving a snail trail down my chest and belly until she settled into place on my pelvis. She reached back for my stiff prick and guided it to her open twat. I pushed my hips up and my head slipped right in. She grabbed my wrists again and held them over my head while she pushed her hips back against me. We both pushed, pulled back, and pushed again, slowly spreading her cum along my shaft until she sank all the way down and ground her clit against my pubes. With my hands restrained, all I could do was flex my thighs and buck up against her groin, driving my prick into her tight little fuck hole. She gasped, and then lifted her hips slightly, giving me more room to work, and I rewarded with a steady beat of thrusts, stretching her pussy and making it spasm against me. While continuing to pound her sweet pussy, I lifted my head up off the bed and sucked her nipple into my mouth. That was just enough to push her over the edge, and as I sucked and pulled, I felt her shudder and then hold very still as another orgasm coursed through her. When the euphoria subsided and her eyes cleared, she seemed to decide it was my turn. She looked down at me and started rocking back and forth, meeting my every thrust. Her cunt squeezed and pulsed, milking my cock. With a long low groan, I arched my back and pressed up inside her, trying to get as deep as I could when my cock shot a hot pulse of cum inside her. I stayed arched, frozen while my cock thrummed again a little softer, and again softer still. I slowly relaxed and eased my hips and my riding partner back to the bed and stretched luxuriously.

We were lying in bed, enjoying a slow leisurely morning. we had snuggled and cuddled in a number of positions, kissing and touching, but nothing overtly sexual. Or so I thought. Apparently M had gotten quick aroused by it all, because I was quite surprised when she abruptly sat upright, and then bent over and took my prick in her mouth. I wasn’t particularly stiff to begin with, but it only took a little attention like this from her to rectify that. She sucked just long enough to get me stiff and wet and then she sat up and made herself comfortable in my lap.

As M started rising and falling on my dick, I smiled, relaxed and enjoyed being used. She was intent on using me as a sex toy, and I didn’t mind one bit. Her breasts started a hypnotic bouncing pattern as she slapped her groin against mine. Her browed furrowed in concentration while she tried to maintain her pace at the same time that she was going weak in the knees from the action. When she finally peaked, it was a small orgasm, and her moans carried as much frustration as relief.

I nudged her off my hips and she fell on the bed, lying on her back. I laid on my side, almost at a right angle to her body and with both of us lying down, I slipped into her for a “lazy man’s fuck”. It’s hard to get the leverage I needed for a proper, energetic shag, but we relaxed and enjoyed being able to watch my fat shaft push worm its way into her pussy, and then slip back out again, making the effort over and over like Sisyphus. When she began to pant and squirm for more, I sat up and then rolled her on her side. Sitting on my knees, I held up her top leg and slid into place again. This position has a lot of resemblance to “doggy style” except that she’s much more comfortable. She grabbed a large pillow and held it against her face and chest. As soon as I started thrusting in earnest, she started groaning and wailing into the pillow, overwhelmed by the deep drilling her drooling cunt was getting. In no time she peaked in orgasm, and I continued punishing her, thrusting straight through and sending her from one peak to another. She got cruder and more explicit in her cries, “Jesus, fuck! Yes! Goddammit…” until I was winded and couldn’t give her anymore. I paused in my thrusting and we both were still, panting, me from exhaustion and her from cumming so hard.

Once she could breath normally again, she pushed me away from her thighs and onto my back. She again sat up and climbed above me, sinking on my cock for the second time that morning. Determined to milk me dry, she leaned low over my chest and started whispering to me as her cunt vacuumed my cock. “Give me your cum. Let me feel your hot spray in my cunt. Cum inside me, please.” Her voice was soft and persistent, like the action of her pussy gripping my shaft. She knows she can drive me mad like this, and sure enough, in only brief seconds my balls were boiling over and I grabbed her hips roughly and held her tight against me while I splashed my load against her cervix. She shuddered and her twat spasmed as if the cum caused some primal hormonal reaction inside her. she sat still for several seconds until my cock stopped pulsing, and then rolled to the side, carefully clutching her thighs to avoid dripping.

After waking up far too early this morning, I finally came back to bed for a bit of snuggling with M. We spent some time facing each other, her face buried in my chest hair, breathing me in while my hands roamed across her back and shoulders, kneading, testing, stroking. When she grew tired of resting on her side, she asked me to roll onto my back, and she came up on all fours, leaning over my chest. She nuzzled deep into my neck and shoulders, kissing and purring, her silk hair brushing across my face. My hand petted down her side and along the outside of her leg. Then I curved around behind and stroked her inner thigh, petting as high on her thigh as I could without stroking her lips, right along the fold of her thigh and crotch. As she kissed and murmured at me, I lightly feathered my fingertips along that crease, teasing her, slowly bringing her to a boil. M leaned forward and brought a breast to me. I casually pulled her nipple into my mouth and sucked on it in a lazy, languid fashion. The skin crinkled under my lips and I could feel the goosebumps rise and tighten as I rolled her nipple between my tongue and lip. I increased the pressure and speed until she whimpered and pulled free, only to then swing the other breast in front of me for more of the same. all the while, I continued teasing her with my fingertips, until finally I could feel slippery threads of moisture trailing down her thighs.

M threw a leg across my body and settled back, pressing her crotch against mine. She began rocking, grinding her wet pussy against my cock, smearing us both with her fluids. After several agonizing minutes of teasing, I reached between her thighs and pressed my cock into her. She smiled down at me while I arched upwards, easily pushing in to the hilt while she flexed her muscles to squeeze and grip me. I reached around to grab her ass cheeks and held on while I thrust into her honeyed hole. Her musk filled the room as I slowly screwed her from below and she purred with pleasure at being used, but I wanted something more, something more intense.

“Flip onto your back”, I told her, “I want to be on top.” I rolled her straight backwards, and then came up on my knees and scooted back until my feet with against the wall at the head of the bed. M opened her thighs wide and I leaned forward and sank into her again. With my feet braced, I pistoned roughly into her, fast, hard and deep. She tossed her head side to side and moaned for me, “Yes, yes, make me cum” and I held a steady pace guaranteed to push her over the edge. She locked her knees straight and lifted her legs high in the air, grabbing her toes with her hands. Holding herself obscenely open, begging to be fucked, I did everything I could to accommodate her. I sat back on my heels and helped hold her legs open so I could watch my cock slide in and out of her, raw, wet, pink flesh pushing and sliding against each other, her lips folding and opening with each thrust, her clit being tickled and brushed with my pubic hair. She began to reach her peak, and so I released her legs and leaned back forward and began to thrust even faster, pushing her over the edge while she cursed and cried, “Fuck, yes! Good, good, yes…” She finally let her knees flex and her feet fell to the bed, but she still held onto her heels, holding herself open. I continued fucking her hard and rough, even as she was cumming, and she rolled from one peak to another, a light mist of sweat breaking out on her chest.

My own orgasm still seemed very far away, and I finally worried I was going to hurt her. I pulled back, my cock tugging free with a wet schlurping noise. I laid back to masturbate with one hand, and guided M to lie face down with my other hand mashed into her pubes. My cock was already ram-rod stiff, tight and pulsing, and slick with her fluids. My fist beat roughly up and down while my other hand frantically writhed against M’s lip and clit, forcefully wrenching further orgasms from her. Listening to her moans and cries only made me hotter, more aroused. She scooted up slightly, guiding my hand towards her hole, and I slipped my thumb inside her while I jerked off. She pushed against me, twisting my wrist and driving my thumb deeper while she wailed and came, one arm draped across my chest and her hot breath in hot ragged pants against my neck and ear. With an extra flurry of pumping, I finally found release, semen shooting up onto my chest, splattering hotly while my cock twitched and pulsed in the cool air.