No sex today.

For the first time in a while, we did not have any sex, or even any fooling around, all morning, day, or early evening. About the time we laid down for the evening, ominous rumblings started rolling through the skies and a sizable thunderstorm began to build. At the same time I crawled between S’s thighs, face down, and began to nuzzle and lick her pussy.

Often there is a progression: I lick her pussy and soon enough she begs for a finger inside her. I comply and insert a finger (or two) and after several orgasms she begs for my cock. I oblige, more orgasms happen, a good time is had by all.

That did not happen this time. S relaxed into it and accepted it as the progression naturally unfolded. This allowed me the time and space to let things build more gradually, more organically. I took my sweet time licking and sucking her pussy with my mouth. Sometimes I gave her the lightest little flicker brushstroke on her clit with the very tip of my tongue, other times I gave her soft wet open-mouth kisses covering her entire clit hood. I pulled a labia entirely into my mouth and rolled it side to side before pulling back and letting it slowly drag between my tightened lips. I lapped with a broad flat tongue straight up the center of her split wet lips. I used my wet pouty lower lip to brush over her clit repeatedly. I hiked her thighs high and wormed my tongue as deeply into her cunt as I could manage. I pulled her clit into my mouth and washed it side-to-side with my tongue. By this time, S was nearly out of her mind with pleasure, and right on the cusp of an orgasm she needed like breath itself.

With my mouth still firmly sealed over her clit hood, I slipped a finger into her dripping pussy and her hips arched off the bed like she was being electrocuted. Her orgasm broke wide open and I used my finger and mouth to prolong that peak as long as I could. Once the initial explosion subsided the slightest bit, I pulled my head and mouth back and fingered her more intently. Sometimes I stroked in and out, sometimes I left my finger buried inside her and curled it to stroke against her g-spot. I rolled my hand palm down and stroked against the taut muscles of her pelvic floor. I pushed deep and repeatedly bumped against the neck of her cervix. Whenever it seemed like her pleasure and orgasms had plateaued, I stilled my hand and resumed lashing her with my tongue, whipping her to a frenzy again. And when she had acclimated to my mouth, I returned my focus to fingering her.

As all this was happening, the storm outside our open balcony doors grew in size, with dramatic flashes of light filling the sky and low, swelling thunder echoing about the room.

After an eternity, my fingers sticky and my face smeared with her cunt juices, the scent of her firmly imprinted in my nose, I climbed on top of her and slid my cock home. The fucking lasted easily as long as all of the preamble, with as much variation. Her cries competed with the thunder and I poured myself into her like the rain falling from the sky.

For my own crescendo, I stood and led her out to the balcony. She grabbed onto the edge of the railing and faced the thunderstorm while I drove my cock into her from behind. “Don’t close your eyes”, I instructed her, “watch the show.” Fingers hooked into her hips, cooled by the breeze and the occasional bit of rain blown over us, I fucked hard and fast. Watching the storm, I fell into a strong pace and finally exploded into her at a full running gallop.

S and I are fortunate beyond measure that we have such similar and boundless appetites for sex, and it often seems incredible to us that it continues to improve over time. Even so, we are sometimes reel in amazement when a particular session establishes a fresh, personal, high-water mark for phenomenal sex. This was one of those. For fuck’s sake, the sex with this girl just blows my mind.

Roughly an hour later, we laid in bed on our sides, continuing to watch the storm raging outside. From my position behind her, I could feel her swollen pussy lips protruding back between her thighs, and I started gently brushing it with my thumb. As much as I try to push her limits, S gives every impression of being absolutely insatiable, and she pushed her hips backwards to squirm my thumb inside her cunt. It didn’t take long before out attention was thoroughly distracted from the storm and was back on our own carnal pleasures.

Soon enough, I guided S to lie face down on the bed, with her head aimed directly at the open doors to the balcony. I mounted her from behind and drove my cock into her. Fucking in this position ground my cockhead against her g-spot repeatedly, and with no finesse or artistry whatsoever, I pounded her into several orgasms before racing to my own.

One last time, as the sky was showing the very slightest hints of dawn, I woke with a powerful erection and all of the memories of the previous fucking. I lubed my cock with an excess of olive oil and told S to mount my cock from above. She stood on the bed, straddled my hips and sank her cunt down onto my cock. We rocked in that position for a bit, sometimes with her standing and squatting up and down on my cock, sometimes kneeling astride me while I bucked my hips and drove my cock into her from below. Eventually I rolled her over on the bed and mounted her again, until I came again (again!), exhausted, blissed out, and fully drained.

We rented a small motorboat and spent some time exploring some of the bays and inlets near a particularly lovely beach town. Eventually we made anchor at a completely deserted inlet and we took advantage of the privacy to fool around. I sat on the padded cushion on the bow of the boat and S knelt in front of me and sucked my cock. The boat was being rocked by the rolling waves and S made a game of kneeling with her hands behind her back and letting the buffeting waves knock her forwards, shoving her throat down onto my cock. It did not take long for this game to give me a solid erection, and we still had the privacy to use it. S swiftly doffed her bikini and laid on her back on the bow of the boat and I mounted her for a quickie on the bouncing waves. There was a little nervousness as I kept an eye on boats that might be approaching, but I managed to drive S to a couple of satisfying orgasms before finally rushing to my own, just as another boat began to approach the cove. We dressed, pulled up anchor, and puttered away. As we departed S swore the other boat’s pilot gave her a very knowing grin.

Later in the day, at another quiet bay, I was sitting at the stern of the boat while S was sprawled on the decking at my feet. I playfully stroked her bikini-clad pussy with my foot and toes. I wasn’t planning on doing anything more, but S did not hesitate to pull her bikini bottoms to the side and I stroked a little more intently with my big toe. She scooted forward and suddenly I had my big toe fully inside her pussy, wiggling and thrusting. I wasn’t sure she would like it, but she did. I wasn’t sure she could get off from it, which felt like a challenge, and so I did my best to make sure she did. I succeeded.

Even later still in the day, we piloted the boat to an even more remote location, bobbing in the water below towering 1200 ft cliffs, and took the time for a little nude photography. I’m vain enough that I want to look the best for my pictures, so S very sweetly sucked me to a very pleasant length and thickness.

Finally back home after an amazing day and a fair measure of red wine, we fell asleep fairly early. Around midnight I woke to hear S talking in her sleep. Mostly it was gibberish, but there was one clear line of dialog, a playful, teasing, “Tell me you fucked her.” Well, if she was having that kind of dream, I was certainly going to help. I very quietly applied a generous helping of olive oil to my cock and mounted her before she could fully awaken. When her eyes finally opened and focused on me, she groaned deeply and pulled me in tight. I alternated attacks, going very slow and gentle with my full body pressed on top of her, and then sometimes lifting her thighs and folding her in half with rough, savage pounding that made her scream. After driving her into one of those clusters where individual orgasms were impossible to count, I finally filled her with my own cum and fell back to the bed panting. S laid there inert, gasping for breath, and I finally got up and went to the bathroom to bring her a cloth for cleaning up.

As if that wasn’t enough, I woke again in the very dark hours of the morning and decided to fuck her again, just because I could.

This day started very early and involved a great deal of driving around in the car. I got to playfully stroke S’s pussy through her panties as we were driving, but I thought that was going to be the extent of our fun until we got back home.

However, late afternoon found us exploring a 13th century fortress, on a high peak along the coast. There were very few other people exploring the fortress, which allowed us ample time to play with S’s pussy more, until her panties were dripping wet. As even more people departed, we found a few minutes for some nude photography in the fortress. Eventually, there was only one other couple in the entire place; by being especially careful and finding some strategically deserted spots, we managed a little time for cock sucking and some very brief fucking.

Eventually it came time for the long drive home. By this point, S had removed her panties entirely as they were rather messy. I spent a great deal of the drive with my hand on her cunt, either running slippery fingers along her clit or with one or two fingers hooked inside her pussy. By the time we got back to our home base, S was a little shocked to realize I had fingered her from one side of the island to another. Apparently she had gotten a little dazed from the stimulation and orgasms, which I took as high praise.

Once home, she was eager for a suitable finally. We went down to the patio beside the pool where I fingered her a little more, while stroking my cock to erection at the same time. When I was suitably stiff, I bent her over the railing and entered her from behind; I do so love fucking with a world-class vista in front of us. I was so worked up from the day’s fun that it didn’t take me long to reach my own orgasm.

After an hour or so to rest and recover, we ended up outside again, this time reclined on patio furniture, where I gently suckled at S’s tender clit and fingered her to several more delightful orgasms.

Around 3 am I woke up a little chilly, and snuggled in closer to S for warmth and cuddles. This had the entirely predictable result of making my cock stiffen, which encouraged me to rub against her a little more and… yeah, we had sex again in the dark hours of the morning. Most lovely.

After another day at the nude beach, we came home and took a very quick dip in the pool. After, I sat on the corner of the pool with my feet on the top step and S moved over to start sucking my cock. She got chilled after a few minutes and we went inside to the bed to resume our play. She sucked my cock, and before long I asked her to pil up a finger and slip it inside my ass at the same time. She started by reaching for my prostate, but I didn’t want to climax quite that fast, so I asked her to “just” fuck my ass with her finger while she blew me. After several amazing and mind-blowing minutes of that, I told her to pull out and climb on top of me, She mounted me form above above and bounce up and down quite enthusiastically. Eventually I grabbed onto the iron bars of the headboard, and she squatted on my elevated cock and held onto the same board, both of us bucking and riding for all we were worth, the heavy meaty sounds of our groins smashing into each other filling the room.

When I was finally too worn out to maintain that position, I fell back to the bed and told S to lie on her back and open her thighs. I mounted her and fucked enthusiastically, with no goal in mind but to reach my own selfish orgasm. Happily, she seemed to stumble into one or two herself, and everything ended on a deeply satisfactory note.

After staying up all night in a sex- and drug-fueled stupor, the following day was about recovery. We never left the villa, but napped all day, with occasional breaks to fuck and/or dive into the pool. I’m slightly proud that after a night of non-stop fucking and complete and total exhaustion, on a day that was supposed to be about complete and total collapse and recovery, we still ended up having sex three times. It took well over a week of this kind of pace, but I’m finally feeling just a bit chafed.

We haven’t found any coconut oil in the markets of Greece, so we’ve been using a tin of olive oil as lube. Somewhere mid-day S said, “My pussy must smell like a salad.” 🙂

Olive Oil

There was a lovely bit of fucking in the morning, before coffee was made even. S sucked me for a bit. As she put it, “Your cock was almost limp and tasted just the slightest bit sweet. And you made that delightful little whimpering noise when I pulled the head of your cock into the back of my throat.” From there we rolled into the missionary position and savored the cool morning air blowing over us as we panted and moaned.

Much later in the afternoon we fell into bed and we found a novel way for me to lick S’s pussy. She was on her back with her thighs parted and I knelt at her hip, outside of her thighs. With one hand, my thumb slid into her cunt and my middle finger tickled the rim of her asshole. My mouth was sideways to her slit, so that I could suck her entire clit hood into my mouth. From there I played with a variety of effects: thrusting my thumb in and out, tickling her ass, sucking her clit in and out of my mouth, sliding my mouth top to bottom along the shaft of her clit. When she was aroused enough to start thrashing, I crept up the bed and fed my cock into her mouth. In seconds she brought me to full stiffness, and I swung my thigh over her head and knelt over her face, looking at her feet. She craned her neck to reach my cock and sucked it into her mouth, then reached her arms up to my hips and pulled me closer. From above, I started fucking her throat, and very soon hooked two fingers into her cunt. For several strokes, I used her cunt as a handle to rock her entire body back and forth, which resulted in rocking her throat up and down my cock head. Very soon thereafter she planted her feet solidly on the bed and raised her hips to the sky, and I tugged on her cunt even harder. Eventually she collapsed onto the bed and I fucked her throat roughly, savagely, pushing until I could hear her choke and sputter for air, and then I pulled back and let her gasp while she rubbed her saliva-streaked face over the underside of my dangling ballsack. After three or more rounds of that, I stood and moved between her legs, mounting her spread thighs. I plunged in deep, eliciting an explosive grunt from S. Then… I noticed a trace of blood on my thigh. Surprised, I pulled back and saw slight traces of blood on my cock as well.

I stopped in surprise and told S. Her eyes jolted open, and then settled immediately. “It’s just a nose bleed. I’m sorry; it happens sometimes.” We went into the bathroom to look further, and she then said, “No… I think it’s back in my throat.” She turned to me with a grin and said proudly, “You fucked my throat so hard you made it bleed.” I suspect she’ll tease me with that again some day. Probably repeatedly.

Once we determined the blood flow was very small, I suggested we venture outside to the pool; if blood dripped there, at least it wouldn’t stain the sheets. 🙂

I laid back on a lounge chair, my ass at the very foot of the chair. S stood between my legs, facing away, and backed her ass down and back onto my jutting cock. She happily bounced in that position for several minutes, as we listened to the water splashing in the pool and felt the warming sun on our backs. After several minutes of that, I stood up and had S bend over and plant her hands on the foot of the lounge chair. With her bent over, ass raised in the air, I stepped forward and fucked her from behind, digging my fingers into her hips and fucking with abandon. Her cries rang through the olive groves and in a few more minutes and several orgasms later, I reached my own shaking, tremorous climax. Standing up, lightheaded from the exertion and deliriously buzzed from my orgasm, I fell sideways into the deliciously cool pool.

After I surfaced, S took some time posing me in the pool and taking a number of photos of me and my still mostly erect cock.

At 8 pm, we decided to do drugs in Greece! We both took an X, pretty immediately followed by some epic pussy licking and fucking. Following that we had the sort of long, emotionally naked conversation that X seems to encourage, followed by yet more fucking. Around 1 am we decided to double down; S took another X and I had a ci18. We proceeded to stay up until dawn, licking, fingering, fucking, and talking until the sun rose. Exhausting, but so delightful.

Perhaps you have found yourself thinking, “Good lord, with all of this sex where have they possibly found time for sight-seeing and actually enjoying this vacation?!” Well, you might be gratified we had sex only once yesterday, a very lovely bout of fucking just before we fell asleep after a very long day spent in the sun and Ionian Sea.

And if you’re disappointed by the dearth of sex on this day, let me rush to reassure you that the beach was a nude beach, we both received long luxurious massages from a darling girl who spoke not a bit of English, and sex was never far from our minds. 🙂

If it has felt like an awful lot of the recent sex has leaned heavily on adjectives like “hard” and “fast”… yeah, me too. Which isn’t bad exactly, but… variety is the spice of life. We were due for a change.

Mid-morning found us lying on white sheets, in a white room, looking past billowing white linen curtains, past a Venetian balcony to the turquoise Ionian sea. We were rested, relaxed, and in high spirits. I laid back in the center of the bed, hands folded behind my head, enjoying the slight breeze blowing in from the balcony. S knelt on all fours and brought her mouth to mine for several long, lingering kisses. She moved to my neck where she nuzzled, kissed, and sucked gently. She brushed her face back and forth across my chest, dragging through my chest hair, quite like a cat marking her territory with the scent glands of her cheeks. She kissed her way down my belly, slowly, patiently, before finally reaching my cock. She thoroughly covered the head of my cock with kisses, then used her tongue to draw long lines from the base of my cock to its crown, slowly wetting my entire shaft. Finally, at long last, she took my cock into her mouth and eased down until her lips encircled the base. She has the most challenges swallowing my entire length when she is in that position, facing me, but I swear she is getting better at it with every day. After a little pushing and adjusting of angle, my swollen cock head finally eased into her throat and I could feel her little hum of satisfaction once she had it lodged there. Once there, she did not let it free, but just bobbed very slightly, seeing if there was even a little more depth she could achieve. She hovered like this for a seeming eternity, until she finally had to release me so she could breath again, and while she drew in fresh air she started brushing her face against my tight testicles, and finally lapping freely at my ball sack. She alternated back and forth, sucking my cock deeply and enthusiastically until she was choking for air, then breathing while she licked and nuzzled and my balls and the sensitive patch of skin below them.

After a little lapping there, she moved lower still and began licking around the rim of my asshole. When it became apparent that she was enthusiastic about continuing, we shifted positions; I rolled onto all fours, straddling a couple of pillows and raised my ass into the air. S knelt behind me and began rimming my asshole with abandon. When I’m in the right mood, getting rimmed can drive me right out of my mind, and this was one of those times. My head swam in a haze of lust and stimulation, and so you’ll forgive me if I’m a little unclear on the details. I remember she lubed one hand and massaged my cock back and forth while she drilled my asshole with her tongue. I vaguely recall babbling incoherently; I’m sure I called her my “dirty slut” and “filthy, dirty little girl” more than a couple of times. My cock throbbed in her hand, pulsing harder and bigger than usual. I can’t even tell you with any confidence how long it lasted, but I can say I loved every second.

After a while, S was ready for a change of position. At first she thought she might slide her head under my hips so I could fuck her throat from on top, but she soon abandoned that. Instead I laid on my back, she moved her knees much closer to my head to face my feet, and returned to sucking my cock. This is the position that is easiest for her to get the full depth of my cock in her, and she didn’t hesitate to take full advantage of it, swallowing me to the very root. Sometimes I wonder how much more she could take in, but I’ll never know from direct experience, because in this pose she takes everything I can give her and then some. I decided to raise the stakes in one of the only ways I knew how. I asked her to let me reposition a bit; I scooted down on the bed, with my head about a third of the way from the headboard, and propped my head on a firm pillow. I gestured for her to resume, and pulled her hips so that she was fully on top of me, in the classic 69 position. As she returned to sucking my cock, I tasted her pussy and was delighted to find it delightfully wet, dripping, thick sticky strands of her own arousal smearing around my face and filling my nose with her rich, earthy musk. However, I have to tell you this was all for my own selfish pleasure; S is largely unaware of me sucking her pussy when she is focused on my cock. This isn’t a complaint; I love the taste of her cunt and enjoy having my face buried in it all for my own sensual pleasure. But oh yes, right. I had engineering this position to give her a little more challenge. I slid my hands down to her hips and found a good grip on her pelvis. I began to push upwards, lifting her hips skyward; she felt what I was doing and held her legs in a rigid arc above her. We’ve played with this bit of pornographic acro-yoga before, and the resulting pose looked for all the world like she is making a swan dive onto my cock, supported by nothing more than her hands on the bed, my hands on her hips, and on her mouth on my cock. As I held her aloft, she started doing small pushups with her arms, raising and lowering her throat on my cock, each time pushing the barest additional fraction of my cock into her throat. Every time I think I’m going to push this girl’s limits, she stuns me by going even further! Some day, I must find a photographer to document this self-taught trick.

I lowered S back to horizontal, and rolled her off and and onto the bed. She grinned at me and wiped the smear of saliva from her cheek with the back of her hand. I rose to my knees and she moved into position to get fucked. As I got into position, I feigned giving her a stern lecture. “Okay now, we’ve had enough of aggressive fucking for a bit. I’m going to take my time and I don’t want to hear any whining about it. I might tease you with slow and shallow, I might keep a glacial pace, and I don’t want any of your begging for the hard pounding that gets you off. You are mine to do with what I will, and you’re going to take whatever I care to give you.” She lowered her eyes and meekly said, “Yes sir. I love all the ways you fuck me. I promise to be good.” With that settled, I slid into her, slick like quicksilver from the ropey strands of saliva from deep in her throat and her own drooling pussy juices. And true to my word, I went slow. I can’t pretend to recreate all of the tricks and variations I pursued, but this one stands out in detail. At one point I pulled out all the way until my cock was only barely nestled between her lips and narrated the slow gradual stroke of settling back into place. “There, can you feel just the head of my cock bumping at the opening of your cunt? Just nudging, slowly, gently. Tap, tap, and there the head is just starting to nudge its way in. Can you feel how your lips are pushed apart, how the tight ring of your cunt mouth stretches as the wide part slides into place. A little more, a little more, ahh, and there you go, just the head of my cock is now edged in the tight ring of your cunt. If I flex it, can you feel it pulse and swell? Can you feel how it throbs against you? Mmm, let’s slide just the tiniest bit forward, and now you can feel just the top of my shaft. Mmm, that snug little ring of muscle clamps down tighter, tries to milk my shaft. You’re eager to pull it inside aren’t you?” She whimpers pitifully and I can feel her nails on the cheeks of my ass. “Poor dear, patience. I’ll ease a little deeper, just the tiniest bit. A little more, can you feel it? Does it feel deeper? Don’t worry, there’s more. We’re not done yet. You can’t even feel the brush of my pubic hair yet, can you? Just a little more, the barest bit. Ahh, I can feel where the head of my cock is just starting to nudge your g-spot. You like that, don’t you? I can feel your hips trembling. Don’t worry, you’ll get everything you want soon enough. Just a tiny bit more.” About this point was where she began grunting from feeling the slow grind of my fat cock head against her g-spot. “The tiniest bit more… and then a little more besides… here, let me rock in place, just a little for you.” At that, I started the barest thrusting, tiny little quarter-inch motions, designed to rub her g-spot in a way that drives her out of her mind and pushes her to orgasm with near certainty. I knew she wanted it even harder and faster than I could imagine delivering, and I also knew that the longer I made her wait the harder the orgasm would be. Steady as a metronome, I maintained my pace of tiny little thrusts, feeling her build, and build and… Just as her climax broke I slammed home the remaining half inch and started driving hard, giving her that epic released she has so patiently awaited. The dear girl didn’t even whine once, and I was determined to reward her for it.

After that massive crashing orgasm, driving her to others took very little effort at all. With some angles, I could just drive especially hard and deep, let her grind against me, and she would climax again just from the involuntary spasming twitch of her hips from the previous crescendo. Once or twice I pulled back and teased her with a flurry of fast shallow strokes before making her moan in appreciation with that full-shaft drop of my body weight onto her.

I had really planned to drag the fucking out even longer than this, but at a certain point I began to feel that growing, rolling boil in my balls and I gave into it with abandon. To the sounds of S’s cries echoing around the room and finally chased my own release in an entirely selfish fashion and reached a powerful orgasm at full speed. We both fell back to the bed, huffing and moaning, and stared out at the deep blue bay from the wide open balcony doors.

Reading slipperybits from the villa bedroom

Later, in the afternoon, we were playing tourist, exploring an ancient fortress and took advantage of relative privacy to take some nude photos of S behind an iron barred door.

And later still, making the return drive to the villa I spent a bit of time paying with S’s bare pussy, rewarding her for wearing no panties. I will note that this is more challenging with a stick shift, in a land with a great deal of twisty, turny, hilly roads.

Dear reader, I must ask your indulgence. (If there are any readers. Leave a comment if you’re reading, this, will ya?!) I’m reaching a stage where writing so much purple prose about the fucking is taking away time from actually engaging in the fucking! I’m going to start documenting at least some of the occasions in a rather more cursory fashion. Bummer.

That said, just before falling asleep, I put a pillow under S’s ass and ate her pussy like a man starving. After a few orgasms I transitioned to mostly fingering her, which I did rather roughly, for quite some time. In the midst of it, she twisted and convulsed hard enough that she ended up half on the bedside table and knocked over an open water bottle. We got her repositioned and I fingered her even more before finally settling on top of her for a good, rollicking fuck.

Hours later in the pitch black morning, I awoke with a glorious erection, very quietly coated it in olive oil, and slipped my erection into her from behind while she slept. A delightful spooning fuck ensued, with a delightful finish in the missionary position.

In the midmorning, my attention was drawn to the sectional sofa in the living room of the villa. The back of the sofa was fairly low, entirely flat, about ten inches wide, and had no arm on one end. A bit of inspiration struck me, and I wasted no time acting on it. I took off my shorts and underwear, and fully unbuttoned my shirt. I sprawled back on the sofa, legs spread wide and called out to S, “C’mere.” She came to me with a big smile on her face, and with no direction whatsoever dropped to her knees and started suckling my limp cock.

Note: S has become extraordinarily good at deep throating me, and regularly exceeds my expectations for how long she can hold her breath while doing it. Despite that, there’s something I passionately adore when she starts while my cock is completely flaccid. There is an overwhelming feeling, her tongue washing over my entire shaft at once, that just drives me out of my mind. The only sadness is that it is entirely self-limiting, since it feels so good that my cock never stays limp very long.

In very little time, S had motivated my cock to full attention and I was ready to thank her for it. I helped her stand, she tugged down her underwear, and I guided her to lie on her belly, straddling the flat back of the sofa, one leg on the floor and the other leg on the seat of the sofa. This positioned her ass at the end of the sofa, where there was no arm to get in the way. I stepped behind her, applied a generous swipe of saliva and pushed my cock into her eager cunt. She moaned loudly and enthusiastically. (She later said, “Well yeah, it had been forever since you had fucked me; practically fifteen hours!”) The height was just about ideal, leaving me free to fuck her with considerable freedom and vigor, and she was able to relax fully on the back of the sofa, meaning her hips and arms were in no danger of tiring. I shoved my cock into her with some force and speed, perhaps more than I’ve ever been able to achieve in a “doggy” position, and S made sure I knew she appreciated it. The only small drawback was that the sofa started sliding across the tile floor, a small scootch with each thrust of my hips. I continued unabated, plowing my hips into her from behind, slowly moving the sofa across the room. We were under a bit of time pressure, anticipating the arrival of the villa rental agent at any moment, and we were in an especially prime location for being caught without warning. I have a fairly strong exhibitionistic streak, but I’m reluctant to inflict that on someone who might not be enthusiastic about watching. So after S had gotten a fair taste of this position and the possibilities it entailed, I took her hand, helped her up, and led her to the bedroom. She laid back on the bed and raised her legs high into the air, and I mounted her and fucked hard and fast. I was still trying to finish this before being interrupted, so there was no teasing, no slow build up, no mixing it up. I drove into her with all due enthusiasm, pushing her to at least one more loud panting orgasm before I drove my own pulsing load into her. For a change, I was the one who hopped up to the bathroom, prepared a steaming hot cloth and brought it to her for a brief bit of cleaning before we dressed again.

There’s a bit of sex furniture that looks rather like a padded, leather sawhorse. Given how well the sofa back worked, I will have to start work on building one when I get home.

Late at night, we spent an hour or more perusing some explicit photos and videos I’ve taken, commenting on what we noticed, aspects we particularly liked, things it reminded us of. Somewhere in the midst of the browsing, I coated the fingers of one hand with olive oil and started idly stroking and playing with S’s clit and labia. When we watched a couple of the longer videos I’d recorded and edited together, I hooked my fingers inside her cunt and rhythmically tugged at her. When we reached the end and the photos were put away, she asked plaintively, “Now will you fuck me?” It might sound rude and even cruel if I tell you that I insisted she suck my cock first. I can only ask that you trust me when I tell you she gets off on it; she rushed to the task with great enthusiasm, sucking me with considerable vigor and abandon. When she paused a few minutes later, not only was my cock proudly rigid, but her cunt was quite wet with her own arousal. After a particularly lengthy spell of taking my cock deep enough into her through to block her breathing, she pulled back, panted in thirsty gulps of air, and begged again, “Please will you fuck me?”

Only a cad would have said no. We changed positions and I mounted her from above, nestling my cock inside her in one smooth glide. After an hour of looking at so much very personal pornography, my libido was also in full flourish and I did not hesitate to give her the rough aggressive fucking she most craves. We’re staying in a new villa now, high in the hills, far more remote, without a neighbor immediately next door, and S made full use of the opportunity to shout her pleasure without restraint. Of course, her cries of pleasure only spurred me to greater efforts, and I reached my own heaving, moaning orgasm in a few brief minutes. Though I had made certain S had reached several of her own robust orgasms, after I fell to the bed panting and reveling in my own afterglow, S asked very quietly, “Are you too tired to put your thumb inside me?” My goodness, she really was worked up. She laid on her side, facing away from me and I slid my thumb into her from behind. The thumb is one of my favorite tools for playing with a girl’s cunt; it is pleasantly thick compared to fingers, rather stronger, and curves just right for rubbing against a g-spot. I took a dozen or so strokes with my thumb straight, just getting everything wet and priming the pump, so to speak. Then I segued to an up-and-down sliding motion, not stroking so much as bumping my thumb against her g-spot, tapping it repeatedly as she began to moan in earnest. Her cries suggested she was right on the precipice of orgasm, I started shamelessly grinding my thumb inside her, and again her screams echoed through the room. I deployed every trick I knew to keep her riding that wave of pleasure, giving her no time to recover, roughly piling one orgasm on top of another. The only sadness is that I suspect her ability to take pleasure it near boundless, outstripping my energy to give it. Eventually I had to call mercy, slowing and easing my attacks, until I finally let me thumb pull free from her, with a slight squelching sucking noise. She gave a final groan and said, “Oh, thank you, sir.” and soon went to the bathroom for the traditional wash cloth.

One of the unbridled joys of this relationship is the total freedom I have been granted to fuck S whenever I like, without a moment’s notice, whenever the whim might strike me. So when I woke again in the last couple of dark hours before dawn and found I had a lovely nocturnal erection, the only question in my mind was whether I cared to expend the energy required to use it. I did. I was on top of her before she was fully awake, nudging my cock head between her lips to gauge her level of ambient lubrication. She felt a little dry, and as she rolled her hips up at me, I asked, “Would you like lube, or should I roughly force my way in?” She put her hands on my hips and pulled, leaving no doubt but her preference to be used hard and rough. So I pushed and battered my way inside. Once upon a time, I would have felt a little guilty about so obviously pursuing my own pleasure. It took me a while to understand that S really got off on being my sexual toy, and longer still to really trust that knowledge. On top of which, we’ve reached a place now where she climaxes with me so easily. I am not certain I could reach my own orgasm without her getting off at least a couple of times, even if I intentionally tried. Which is all a very defensive explanation for how selfishly I fucked her, with no thought but chasing my own pleasure, my own release, using her body for my own almost-masturbatory pleasure. In only a few minutes I grunted and heaved that last thrust of my hips as I delivered a full load of semen inside her, before falling back to the bed panting. She quietly said “Thank you”, and snuggled close to me as she slid back into sleep. Did you get that? She thanked me. For fucks sake, has any man ever been so fortunate?