For a number of years now, the video porn site Pornhub has released an annual “Year in Review” page that is positively frothy with creamy data-mining sauce.

One of the factoids that splattered my attention: In the US, the average Pornhub visitor stayed on the website for 10 minutes and 33 seconds. Oregon was third from the “briefest visitors” at 9 min and 55 seconds. I’m gonna attribute that to more efficient porn search terms for some Oregonians. #FreeRangeArtisanLumbersexual

If you haven’t checked it out, you totally oughta:

My partner has recently, officially moved into the household, something both of us have been looking forward to for a while. As you might imagine, being around each other more has meant more opportunities for sex. And we’ve been taking advantage of those opportunities. With great enthusiasm. Like, a lot. *blush* This is the first time (for either of us) being paired with a partner of roughly equivalent libido, and we’re finding out our appetites are even larger than we would have guessed.

Imagine being raised in an environment where you could have exactly one chocolate-chip cookie, once a year at Christmas. What bliss, what joy, that single cookie, how eagerly anticipated! Over the years, you might find yourself growing greedy for just a little more. Oh, if only you could have a cookie on your birthday as well, just one more cookie, surely that would be nirvana, all a person could possibly want!

Then you find myself in the position of being an adult, with no such constraints. And gleefully eating an entire plate of cookies at a single sitting. Regularly.

Which is to say, yes, there has been some gluttony lately. Thus far, there’s little indication of it tapering off. But how does one know if one doesn’t keep records?

It just so happens that the aforementioned partner and I are about to take our longest trip ever together, two and a half weeks in Greece. Staying in villas, basking in the Greek sun, swimming in the Aegean, slathered in olive oil. During this trip, I’m going to attempt to document all of our sexual activity. I don’t imagine I’ll have the focus to write it all up in florid detail, but I would like to capture the rough outlines of frequency, duration, circumstances, positions.

So there you are. Stay tuned for updates; I hope they make you wet with joy and green with envy! 🙂

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The previous post was a retelling of a bit of role playing. All participants were of legal age, and everything was consensual. To be clear, I haven’t had any jailbait since I was a year out of high school myself.

But, it can be fun to play. For me, anything that makes sex feel more forbidden, more furtive, more… naughty, that only sharpens the appetite. Forbidden fruit, indeed.

The prior journal entry is my first that talks about S. For the record, I want to be very clear that there is no hint of deception, secrecy or “cheating” in these relationships. M and S know each other well and are very close friends (if that isn’t understating it). Everyone knows what’s going on, approves, and is supportive and even encouraging about it. Call this an “open relationship”, or “polyamory”, or whatever you like. I’m simply past the stage of my life where I find anything appealing about “high drama” in my relationships.

Just so you know. 🙂