A friend (with extraordinary benefits) was having dinner with her best friend and several of their female friends. The conversation turned to a Huffington Post article on “Cliteracy

My friend then mentioned a video I had shared of Betty Dodson drawing the internal anatomy of the clitoris.

Finally, the topic turned to female ejaculation, “squirting”. Of all of the sex positive women at the table, only my friend had ever experienced it before. The rest of the women were listening to her describe it, eyes wide open, mouths gaping. “And I only had it happen for the first time with a new boyfriend last December.” Her best friend thinks for a second and then says with glee, “Oh, Mr Thumbs!”

Yes, dear friends, I was the aforementioned “new boyfriend”, and apparently her bestie remembers me as “Mr Thumbs”.

For reasons I will leave to your imagination.