S, O, and I did a massage et troi recently, taking turns lying on the massage table while the other two worked them over. Particularly when S was on the table, there was a fair bit of playing with pain. I would find a particularly sore point on her body, a muscle knotted tight, or a pressure point loaded with tension, and gradually lean into it. S’s moan slowly grew in volume and morphed into a groan, into a cry, and then into a keening wail. (This shouldn’t need to be said, but all very consensual and welcome. S has a safe word and uses it as needed.)

Whilst I was experimenting with inflicting pain on S, O looked for ways to contribute and assist. One of the things O did was hold S down as the pain escalated. Hands on shoulders, hands on upper arms… and eventually hands holding S’s wrists. Whereupon we made an unexpected discovery! As soon as O clamped her hands on S’s wrists, S’s reaction to the pain changed dramatically. She turned kittenish and submissive, and her wails of pain settled down into purring groans. Her hips twisted and she writhed under the intensity of the experience, but her face showed pure enjoyment instead of torture.

Now that the three of us are playing in bed together more often, we are experimenting rather more with having O hold and restrain S while I do evil things. Enormous fun! I am profoundly grateful that I have the kind of sex life and sex partners where we (collectively) are still exploring, learning new things, finding new ways of getting off. Fuck, yes!

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  1. Morgaine.stone

    Oooooh yes this. Similar to my experience of being able to take more pain when there is contact. Love learning how things can impact an experience and turn it into something different.

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