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Bad timing and an extraordinary hot spell conspired to reduce our chances for sex to nil. So it was a great relief when the situation improved enough for M to summon me back to bed this morning. I went downstairs, shrugged my nightshirt over my shoulders and slid between the sheets, a little too cool in the morning for the first time in ages. I laid on my back and M curled against my side, an arm draped over my chest and a leg across my thighs. We curled, cuddled and caressed, tossing and turning to kiss, nuzzle and stroke. I kept the pace very slow, drawing things out, resisting the urge for a fast, savage fuck.

My hands roamed freely over her body, kneading her buttocks, gripping each cheek, pulling to open her cleft, squeezing it tightly together again. I drew my fingertips along her torso, counting the ribs, making her squirm at the occasional ticklish point. She leaned over me and I raked both hands across her back, lightly dragging my nails enough to make her arch her back like a purring cat. My hands found their way to her legs, stroking her flanks and settling at the top of her inner thighs. I petted and stroked there for the longest time, marveling at the baby-soft flesh. I strayed as high as possibly without touching her lips, teasing her, listening to her gasp, feeling her squirm under me. Before long I had ample evidence my teasing was working, as her thighs were moist from her drooling cunt. I inched just the barest bit higher, until the side of my hand whispered against her dripping lips. M found my neck and bit hard as I taunted her.

I pressed my fingers directly against her sopping twat, slipping side to side against her clit, pulling a gasp and groan from her. I pinched her lips and clit hood, the slick folds of skin squirting from between my fingers. I rubbed for several seconds, and then pulled back before she spilled over into an orgasm. M groaned in frustration and reached down to wrap her hot palm around my cock. She squeezed my shaft firmly, and I tortured her again, roughly rubbing her to a peak and then backing away before she found the release she craved.

M tossed her head from side to side, her hair splaying on the pillow. “Why won’t you give it to me? Why won’t you let me cum?”

“Are you begging me? How badly do you want it? What will you do for me?”

“Anything! I’ll do anything you want! I’ll be your little cum slut, I’ll milk your cock with my cunt, just .. please, give it to me!”

I continued toying with her pussy as she begged, rubbing her to the brink of orgasm, then pulling my hand away. “You’ll be my fuck toy? Service my every whim?”

“I will, I promise! Just let me cum, please!”

With that, I pinched her clit hood firmly, then rubbed aggressively. She started a prolonged crying orgasm, and I continued rubbing through her peak until her cries grew sharp, and then I pressed firmly against her clit until I could feel her blood pulse. Her thighs locked rigid for several seconds, an then as soon as she started to move, I attacked again, ruthlessly driving another orgasm from between her thighs, smearing her own cum all over her thighs and lips, and she groaned in relief again.

As soon as her eyes could focus again, M sat up on her knees and straddled my lap. My cock still in hand, she angled it straight up and sat down with a satisfied grunt. She pumped up and down several times, wriggling to get as low on my cock as she could. As she lifted one time, I reached down and spread her lips obscenely, and when she dropped low again, her bare clit slapped against my pubic bone, and she cried with surprise. We rocked together for several minutes, my hips driving up against her thrusts, my palms cupping her ass.

I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed M backwards. She leaned far back, arching her back, bracing herself with her hands against my shins. I gave her a wicked smile and made of show of licking my thumb before sliding it down to the wet junction of our bodies. I stroked once up her clit and her back convulsed. I set my hips rocking gently as I continued to finger her clit, making her shout at first, and then crying as she was wracked by another climax. As soon as she peaked, she leaned forward and started grinding against me with vigor. Her tight little pussy spasmed against my cock, milking me as promised. We started thrusting in concert, racing towards my own orgasm. I held her hips firmly and battered against her, selfishly chasing my own release until my balls tightened and I fired my load inside her. My hips bucked upwards and held her off the bed for several seconds until my throbbing subsided and I could unclench again.


  1. just realized you haven’t posted in awhile. hope things are okay. hope to see a post from you soon!

  2. wondering where you’ve been… hope everything is okay!

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