We were both lying in bed, slowly waking up, brushing legs together, enjoying skin on skin. M eyed my growing package and asked with a guilty smile if she was gonna “get lucky”. I told her to roll onto her back and I laid stretched out between her legs. I lightly brushed her inner thighs, marveling at the baby-soft skin, and then brought my nose into her pink cleft and inhaled deeply. With my tongue outstretched, I stroked across her lips, lightly feathering my tongue side to side. She exhaled deeply and inched a little closer to me, looking for a firmer touch. I continued swinging my tongue side to side, sweeping across her clit and lips, feeling them swell and stir beneath my touch. M continued to roll her hips, and teased her by pulling back and asking, “Yes, can I help you?” She made a face and pretended to be cross, “Yes, you can help me cum!” I leaned back in and licked more intently, brushing right up the center of her pussy fast and firm until she softly swore, “Jesus!” Following her implied direction, I clasped my lips around her clit hood and pressed tightly, dragging out her orgasm. That pose lasted for several seconds, and then I resumed my attack, lapping furiously and dragging her back to another sharp climax, panting and muttering filthy obscenities.

When her breathing slowed, I directed her, “Get up onto all fours”. She carefully swung one leg over my head and rose to her hands and knees. I turned over onto my back and slipped my head between her legs. M realized what I had in mind and opened her thighs wider, bringing her cunt down to my face. Wrapping my arms around her thighs, I locked her in place and stabbed my tongue just inside her quivering wet fuckhole. Tasting her cum, I lashed out at her clit, stroking furiously. M cried out, sat upright on her knees and ground against my face as she came hard.

After her head cleared, she lifted off my jaw and started sliding down my torso. At the same time, I scooted up towards the head of the bed, both of us stopping when our groins met. With one foot on the mattress, she lifted higher, nestled my cock head against her cunt and then eased down, impaling herself on my prick. I pushed her thighs back until the rested in the grooves in my pelvis, then pulled her chest down to mine. Grabbing her ass cheeks, I pulled back until just the head of my prick was buried inside her, barely rocking back and forth. “Don’t tease me”, she pleaded, “give me all of it! Stick it in!” I was feeling as greedy as she was, and didn’t have the patience to tease her. With a hard push, I rammed deep into her again and she pressed down to meet it. My cock surged, feeling even thicker, and I focused on thrusting repeatedly. M’s face contorted and she fell forward on my chest, crying and panting. Feeling my own orgasm building, I thrust faster. M leaned down and sucked hard on my sharp little nipple. My urgency built and I pushed deeper, thrusting until I grabbed her hips and held her still and low against while I pulsed wetly inside her. M shuddered over me, her thighs trembling, and I felt my pulse beat in my cock, gradually slowing. We both rolled sideways and M carefully lifted up, trying to keep cum from dribbling out of her.

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