As M began stirring in the morning, I put down my book and rolled on my back. As hot and hazy as it was outside, I was only partially covered by the thin motel sheet. M rolled over in bed to face me and immediately noticed my cock languidly bobbing at half mast. She got up to use the toilet, and when she returned, she knelt at the foot of the bed and crept towards me on all fours. Bending low, she nestled her nose into the base of my cock, rooting in my pubes, breathing deeply. She took a breath and moved to the other side and breathed deeply again, as if searching for truffles. Her hair fanned out across my crotch, silky threads dragging over my tightening ball sack and wrapping around my cock. She dragged her head back and forth, sweeping her hair over me. She centered her mane over my prick and then wrapped around that with her hand, gently jacking her fine hair up and down my shaft, urging me to full stiffness. When I was throbbing tightly in her hair, in her hand, she pulled back and tossed her hair over her shoulder. Opening her mouth wide, she lowered her head over my cock, careful not to touch it with her mouth until her lips could clamp softly on the base. My hips rose off the bed as she started aggressively sucking, her tongue massaging the underside of my cock while her lips held a tight little ring that worked up and down my shaft. She slid a hand under me and dug her fingers into my ass, urging my hips to rise and feed her more cock. As she ministered to me, I slipped one leg between her knees and pressed high, rubbing my shin against her pubic mound. She parted her thighs and I pulled my leg up and brushed the folds of her cunt with my big toe. She moaned low, her lips buzzing against my cock. Eager for more, she lifted off my leg swung her hips around sideways, bringing her ass within my grasp. I reached a hand behind her and between her thighs, slipping my fingers between her lips. I found her clit hood and stroked back and forth. M lifted her head off my cock for just long enough to groan, “Fuck, yes…” and then started sucking me off with renewed vigor. Keeping the same steady stroke, I fingered her until her mouth locked still on my cock and her thighs clamped on my hand and shook. When she finally opened her eyes and parted her thighs again, I slipped fingers low between her lips, and found her wet and enflamed.

I pressed on her shoulders, lifting her willing mouth from my shaft. I swung my legs off the bed and walked around behind her. She inched backwards until her knees reached the edge of the bed, then straightened her legs and stood, ass aimed at me while her arms and torso stretched out on the bed in front of her. I dipped my knees and leaned forward, pressing my fat cock into her coral gash. M pressed back against me and the head of my prick worked its way inside her. I reached down and roughly opened her ass cheeks and thighs, indirectly opening her slit and finally pushed my shaft all the way home. She cried out, her face smashed into a pillow. “Finger yourself”, I ordered, and her hand moved between her thighs and started sawing at her clit. I grabbed high on her waist and started pumping, my low heavy ball sack swinging forward and back, slapping at her fingers and clit with every stroke. Her cunt milked me and I plunged forward selfishly, plunging into her and listening to her cries until my abdomen tightened and I leaned far forward to spew hot cum deep inside her. Before I even finished pulsing, I gave her another dozen slow pumps with my diminishing cock, reveling in the hot velvet pull of her cunt.

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