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After a long, hot, sweaty day, we were finally back in our motel room, basking in the minimalist output from the window-unit air conditioner. M and I had wasted no time in shimmying out of your clothes and were lounging on cool sheets on the double bed. Eyeing her naked form, I casually mentioned, “You know, I don’t think I’ve had a chance to lick your pussy since your wax this week.” She flashed me a mischievous smile and said “Well, what are you waiting for?” She inch-wormed her ass towards the head of the bed, giving me room to lie in front of her, and then spread her thighs invitingly. I laid on my belly in front of her and lowered my mouth to her waiting cunt. I hungrily sucked in the folds and lips, tasting sweat, salt water and her own natural tang. Enflamed by her taste, I lapped eagerly, causing her to cry out. I tried to curtail my enthusiasm, to give her a little chance to warm up. I pulled my mouth back and started stroking and lapping just with my tongue. I followed the undulations of her labia, tracing lines and gradually opening her up. She buckled and arched her pelvis off the bed into my face, and I took the hint. I directed my attention higher, lapping at the hood until her clit swelled and began to emerge from cover. Just the barest flicker of tongue on her exposed clit for several seconds brought her to a groaning orgasm. I dipped my tongue between her lips again, this time finding ample sticky flow of juices. I plunged my tongue in deep, and then lashed at her clit again, until she was wracked with another fast orgasm.

I lifted up and slid further up her body. I paused to suckle at her nipple, and she immediately started hunched farther down, trying to grind against my cock. recognizing how eager she was, I decided to try an uncommon approach towards teasing her. I inched forward and guided my cock between her lips. The bulbous head of my prick was dry and began folding in her lips. I was inclined to slowly worm my way inside, teasing and stretching her as I battered my way in. Instead, she reached down and opened herself wider, and then pulled my hips forward until I sank the rest of the way in. I took several strokes to get moist and settled, and then started my teasing strategy. I pulled my rod out until only the head was inside her, and then started very shallow little stabbing strokes, giving her no depth at all. After several seconds, she whimpered, “More! Give me all of it!” and I just smiled down at her and kept teasing. The idea was the whip her into a frenzy with the very shallow strokes, and then just as she was about to climax, sink deeply into her. This was a game I hadn’t played in a long time, but I remembered it resulting in some thunderous orgasms. I tried to find a steady pace of very shallow strokes, but I moved too far back and my head slipped from between her lips. I pulled back and aimed inside her again, and resumed a tiny little stabbing fuck. Just as she began warming to it, I again moved too far and slipped free of her grasping pussy. “Slide me in”, I asked, and she reached between her legs and guided my cock home. One more time, I stopped before my shaft fully entered up and started a fast little stabbing fuck, and again I popped out before I could get her as excited as I wanted. Sigh. So much for that plan. I guess every fuck can’t be a masterpiece. Determined not to be a completely lousy lay, this time I slipped all the way in and sank deeply, driving a long shuddering groan from M. I hooked one of my arms under her leg, hoisting her open and allowing me to settle forward until her cunt lips were lapping at the root of my cock. She wrapped her other leg behind me, digging her heel into my ass and urging me forward. I plunged into her eagerly, moving side to side to open her lips so I could grind against her clit with each thrust. She moaned and pulled me closer while I thrust into her until I finally crossed the point of no return. I pushed a little faster for several strokes and then dropped deep to pulse wetly inside her. After several seconds of diminishing throbs, I rolled off her and dropped to the mattress while she stepped to the bathroom for several seconds.

Sex is like pizza; even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. But I was determined to have a better slice next time. M settled in bed next to me and we listened to the thunderstorm build outside.

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