We were trying valiantly to sleep in, but with the sun streaming in through the window , we began to stir early than we would have liked. With only a thin sheet covering us, we were still feeling the window AC slowly losing its battle with the growing heat outside. I rolled over on my back and stretched my arms overhead. M rolled towards me and glanced down my body, her eyes lingering where I was “pitching a tent”. She smiled at me, licked her lips and threw the sheet back with a dramatic flourish. Before I could respond, she leaned over me and engulfed my cock with her mouth.

I’m used to waking up horny while M more often wants time to gradually wake up. But, I’m always happy to accommodate the occasional exception. 🙂 She sucked intently, quickly urging my morning wood into a ram-rod erection. At the same time, she brought her knees up under her and came to all fours, without missing a single stroke. Presenting her ass to me, her head bobbed up and down with enthusiasm, and I thanked her by slipping my hand between her legs and rubbing the sleep from her thighs. Still sucking me at a feverish pace, she leaned her ass backwards, pressing her cunt into my hand. I slid the side of my index finger along her slot and sawed back and forth, spreading her lips and brushing against her clit. Her mouth tightened on my stalk and I knew she must be enjoying my efforts. Her head dropped deeper and she gagged slightly as she tried to take more of my length inside her mouth. Her pussy melted at my touch, her lips growing softer and creaming oozing from inside her as I petted and stroked. She groaned loudly, buzzing her tongue against my cock.

In a hungry rush, she pulled her head back from my prick and spun in place until she swung a leg across my lap. With one knee on the mattress and the other foot planted beside me, she seized my cock and rubbed the fat head back and forth along her wet gash twice before sinking heavily against me. With one push, her pussy swallowed my cock as deeply as her mouth had just seconds before. She lifted up and then dropped down again, roughly spearing herself on my shaft. I liked being used, being played with like a fuck toy, and folded my arms behind my head and watched her work. She grunted with each push, trying to stuff more of me inside her, flexing her thighs until she rose up on her knees, then falling back down on my prick. She rode her pony that way until she slowed with fatigue and her thighs began to tremble. “Lean back”, I told her, and she did, arching her back, aiming her tits at the ceiling and placing her hands behind her on my shins. I licked my thumb and then brushed it softly across the raw, wet, pink head of her clit. She cried out, and twisted her hips, trying to get my cock to burrow into her cunt at the same time. I stroked harder twice more and she came loud and hard. As soon as the wave passed, she leaned forward quickly, reached behind her and caresses my balls. Then she leaned farther forward and started rocking up and down, humping against my prick. At the same time, I lifted my hips and started thrusting up into her, meeting her strokes and bouncing against her. I put my hands on her hips and held her tight against my crotch, driving deeper into her, grinding against her. Already at a fever pitch, the fast shafting brought her off again, groaning my name. Listening to her cum made my blood boil, and I started thrusting selfishly, in search of my own climax. My balls tightened and I pulled M down hard, nestling my cock head deep in time to spray hotly, gasping while my prick throbbed and surged inside her. M held still for several seconds, feeling me pulse, then shimmied her hips and kissed me on the forehead before dismounting and flopping on the bed beside me.

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