Just as the evening was beginning to cool, M came to me with a naughty smile and said “Wanna fool around?” I swear, I’m the luckiest guy ever.

I stripped down and sprawled on the bed, and waited for M to join me. She came into the room a couple of minutes later, looked me over and said “Oh my.” I moved to the top of the bed and cleared some pillows from around my shoulders. “Come up here and let me lick you.” She blushed lightly, as I think this position feels more “dirty” to her. Maybe that’s why I like it. But shy or not, she moved to comply. she knelt on the bed and walked forward, settling one knee on each side of her head and resting her ass back against my collar bones. I started very slowly and tentatively. With a pointed tongue, I traced the outline of her vulva, staying outside the lips and drawing wet little traces in an upside down triangle. Across the top, my tongue just barely brushed across her clit, just enough to garner a “Mmmmm”, but no more. After several repetitions on this, I started kissing along the path, wet kisses with parted lips, sucking slightly on the labia, feeling them puff and swell with arousal at the attention. And the kisses continued across the top, including a kiss centered on her clit hood that made her inhale sharply and squirm. With a pointed tongue again, I dipped my tongue straight into her honey pot to collect some of the gathering nectar, and then started stroking along the base of each lip, parting the folds and painting them with the available dew. I finished this circuit with an excruciatingly slow lick right up the center, dragging my tongue over the clasping ring of muscle opening of her pussy, up between the lips, and then directly across her head of her clit and up the hooded shaft. By the time I was lapping up her hood, she was grinding her crotch against my face, struggling to get more friction, more pressure just where she wanted it. I started giving her broad shlurping puppy licks, right up the center, ending each with a kiss on her clit. This was more than before, but still merely teasing as far as she was concerned. She whimpered out loud, wordlessly begging for relief. I flattened my tongue and started paddling her clit with it, a fast little flurry of spankings that made her cry out. She spread her thighs even wider, pressing her cunt against my jaw, and then got very still and let the stimulation build deliciously, as if she worried any word or motion from her would cause me to stop. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and held tight while I continued tapping her clit with my tongue until I heard her peak, “Yes, yes, yes… yes! Suck!” which told me to inhale her clit and lips into my mouth and press tight, stretching out her orgasm longer and longer. She stayed frozen for a while, lost in her own world of fireworks and disco lights and crashing waves. I tried holding still, but eventually gave in to the temptation to give her an additional kiss, which caused her to jump, scooting backwards from my face and muttering “No more, no more, no more, I can’t take it… just wait…”

Sitting back on my chest, she leaned backwards and reached for my cock. Finding it stiff and jutting straight up, she gave it a friendly tug or two. She must have liked what she found, because she dismounted from my chest and swung her head around to sniff and root at the base of my prick, burying her nose in my pubes and inhaling deeply. She lifted up and gave the head of my cock a friendly lap before opening wide and sinking her lips around my prick down the the very base. My toes curled with pleasure and anticipation as she started sucking me off, her lips pursing and her tongue stroking the underside of my shaft. I reached for her pussy, wet and sticky from her arousal, and started sliding my fingers along her furrowed slit. My fingers dipped low, stroking the tight ring of her cunt mouth, feeling it flutter and contract against me. It’s still amazing to me that my cock fits into such a tight little space. I returned to buttering her clit, just enough to cause her to pause in blowing me, breaking her concentration. She pushed her hips back against my hand, getting just enough pressure to push her over the edge again. Her lips barely moved against my throbbing shaft as she rode out another shuddering orgasm.

She lifted her head, and grabbed my cock with her hand. Swinging a leg across my body, she settled in place over my crotch, aimed my prick and sat down enthusiastically. As wet as she was, her cunt still struggled to admit me, and it took several impatient strokes before my cock was sheathed deep within her tight little fuckhole. She started pumping up and down, reaming out her pussy on my ram-rod cock, dripping her juices down my ballsack. She humped frantically, trying to get another orgasm quickly, but her thighs tired out before she reached her goal. She whimpered in frustration and started moving slower. I pulled her down to my chest and reached for her ass cheeks, pulling them apart and opening her wide. I started thrusting from below, while she rested helplessly against me. Opening my thighs wide to keep her spread, and pumping furiously, I had her crying and biting into my chest in no time.

After all of this, I wanted an enthusiastic end for my own orgasm. While she was still swooning against me, I rolled her off me and to my side. Getting up on all fours, I encouraged her to slide towards the middle of the bed and open her thighs to me. I leaned into place and my cock slid home as if it had never left. I picked her leg up over my shoulder and started grinding into her, boring deep and rubbing my pubic mound against her engorged clit. She cried out, wordless noises, and I started thrusting eagerly, spastically, abandoning all finesse in search of my own hard orgasm. She held her hands against her breasts, in part steadying them from rocking painfully in time with my thrusts, and in part to squeeze and pinch her nipples. while I shafted in and out of her. Watching her toss her head side to side, her hair splayed out across the blanket and over her eyes as she flailed under my assault. I pushed again and again, feeling the moment coming and going faster and deeper. I hiked her leg just a little higher and then came explosively, draining my balls deep inside her twitching pussy, thoroughly and completely emptied. I held still trying to catch my own breath, listening to M’s own panting, and then slowly easing her leg back to the bed. I gave a slow, optimistic stroke or two but my cock continued to dwindle and I slipped free and collapsed beside her on the bed.

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