After waking up far too early this morning, I finally came back to bed for a bit of snuggling with M. We spent some time facing each other, her face buried in my chest hair, breathing me in while my hands roamed across her back and shoulders, kneading, testing, stroking. When she grew tired of resting on her side, she asked me to roll onto my back, and she came up on all fours, leaning over my chest. She nuzzled deep into my neck and shoulders, kissing and purring, her silk hair brushing across my face. My hand petted down her side and along the outside of her leg. Then I curved around behind and stroked her inner thigh, petting as high on her thigh as I could without stroking her lips, right along the fold of her thigh and crotch. As she kissed and murmured at me, I lightly feathered my fingertips along that crease, teasing her, slowly bringing her to a boil. M leaned forward and brought a breast to me. I casually pulled her nipple into my mouth and sucked on it in a lazy, languid fashion. The skin crinkled under my lips and I could feel the goosebumps rise and tighten as I rolled her nipple between my tongue and lip. I increased the pressure and speed until she whimpered and pulled free, only to then swing the other breast in front of me for more of the same. all the while, I continued teasing her with my fingertips, until finally I could feel slippery threads of moisture trailing down her thighs.

M threw a leg across my body and settled back, pressing her crotch against mine. She began rocking, grinding her wet pussy against my cock, smearing us both with her fluids. After several agonizing minutes of teasing, I reached between her thighs and pressed my cock into her. She smiled down at me while I arched upwards, easily pushing in to the hilt while she flexed her muscles to squeeze and grip me. I reached around to grab her ass cheeks and held on while I thrust into her honeyed hole. Her musk filled the room as I slowly screwed her from below and she purred with pleasure at being used, but I wanted something more, something more intense.

“Flip onto your back”, I told her, “I want to be on top.” I rolled her straight backwards, and then came up on my knees and scooted back until my feet with against the wall at the head of the bed. M opened her thighs wide and I leaned forward and sank into her again. With my feet braced, I pistoned roughly into her, fast, hard and deep. She tossed her head side to side and moaned for me, “Yes, yes, make me cum” and I held a steady pace guaranteed to push her over the edge. She locked her knees straight and lifted her legs high in the air, grabbing her toes with her hands. Holding herself obscenely open, begging to be fucked, I did everything I could to accommodate her. I sat back on my heels and helped hold her legs open so I could watch my cock slide in and out of her, raw, wet, pink flesh pushing and sliding against each other, her lips folding and opening with each thrust, her clit being tickled and brushed with my pubic hair. She began to reach her peak, and so I released her legs and leaned back forward and began to thrust even faster, pushing her over the edge while she cursed and cried, “Fuck, yes! Good, good, yes…” She finally let her knees flex and her feet fell to the bed, but she still held onto her heels, holding herself open. I continued fucking her hard and rough, even as she was cumming, and she rolled from one peak to another, a light mist of sweat breaking out on her chest.

My own orgasm still seemed very far away, and I finally worried I was going to hurt her. I pulled back, my cock tugging free with a wet schlurping noise. I laid back to masturbate with one hand, and guided M to lie face down with my other hand mashed into her pubes. My cock was already ram-rod stiff, tight and pulsing, and slick with her fluids. My fist beat roughly up and down while my other hand frantically writhed against M’s lip and clit, forcefully wrenching further orgasms from her. Listening to her moans and cries only made me hotter, more aroused. She scooted up slightly, guiding my hand towards her hole, and I slipped my thumb inside her while I jerked off. She pushed against me, twisting my wrist and driving my thumb deeper while she wailed and came, one arm draped across my chest and her hot breath in hot ragged pants against my neck and ear. With an extra flurry of pumping, I finally found release, semen shooting up onto my chest, splattering hotly while my cock twitched and pulsed in the cool air.

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